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Zali finds new love
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

July 10, 2007 12:00am

HER life fell apart when her husband dumped her for another woman last year, but things are looking snowy again for Zali Steggall who has hit the slopes with a new man.
The 33-year-old ski champ met Tim Irving through mutual friends and they are now all loved up in a Brady Bunch-style family.

Irving, a 44-year-old sales and marketing director for Manly Sea Eagles NRL Football Club, had also just been left by his wife of 11 years.

"We were both reasonably burnt in terms of our trust being trashed,'' Steggall told Woman's Day.

"So it was really weird that we were both willing to trust again so quickly and so fully.''

The snowbunny is now back on good terms with her ex - elite rower David Cameron - with whom she separated out of the blue last October after seven years of marriage.

She said he now has a better relationship with their two sons Rex, 4, and 18-month old Remy.

Combined with her new beau's three daughters, the family now includes five children aged under eight, leading the sporty couple to attend a recent fancy dress party sprorting Mike and Carol Brady outfits.

But it has been a tough time for one-time slalom world champion and Olympic bronze medallist.

"When it all happened, I remember listening to late-night radio, sobbing into my pillow when a caller rang int o say that a marriage break-up is like a physical blow but you have no physical wounds to show for it,'' she said.

She had counselling and has since completed her law degree and is preparing to sit her bar exams.
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Tim Irving was a good coup for the club to pick up. He was pretty high up in PBL and has plenty of contacts at the big end of town. Most of his work is behind the scenes but i have noticed a lot more bigger companies jumping on as far as website advertising and jumping on the back of the increased web traffic the official site has had.

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