Interesting kicking stats


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This one is fairly black and white stats wise. 1 and 2 in % to open space. From rugby league week. Im not saying he is better but it shows in this aspect monas is pretty good.

Michael Monagahn 61 Long Kicks 18 Directly to oppoent 43 to open space
Darren Lockyer 72 Long Kicks 30 directly to oppoent 42 to Open space


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I want to know who has been doing the counting as this area has been one of Mona's weaknesses IMO. Until the last two weeks most of the kicks have been poor, going to the fullback or wing and being instantly returned. This does not compute.


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Usually they were going over the dead ball line ready for a 20m restart! But he will improve and was ok prior to this negotiation crap!

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The question about Monas relates to his game under pressure. Some believe that he doesn't handle things so well and that he goes missing under the pump!


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i didnt post this as another monas under pressure stuff.

more to point out that a lot of his kicks do not go to hand as a lot of posters state. I have felt for a while that witt was the poorer in this aspect, and i think that a lot of kicks have been labelled monas in peoples minds when it came off witts boot.

in the same way stephenson was crap against berrigan and hasnt been giving hicks enough ball this year.


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i want to know what is interesting about those stats


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its interesting how many people reakon monas kicks straight to the player all the time when he actually doesnt.


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Except for 3 or so poor ones. Apparently Messiah never makes errors!

thats something i would expect from fluffy byso,i know he is not the messiah but maybe with monas at hooker and orford at half they could be.


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450K should warrent a messiah.

dan, i say its interesting, i did not claim everyone would find it was interesting.


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bunnies are paying overs for feltcher
barret is the saints messiah
kimmorely - sharks messiah
Storm - ???
Lockyer - broncos messiah
Johns - knights messiah
Gower - panthers messiah
BK/BK2?? - manly??
cowboys - ????
warriors - price???
parra - ???
dogs - SBW - highest paid stand filler in history
Roosters - ??? now fitler has gone
Canberra - ???


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storm - orford
cowboys - bowen
parra - cayless
easts - not sure but they paid 330 for monaghan so i wouldnt be surprised if ricketson or morley arent on 400k.
raiders probably the only one.

anyway the point is that 400k isnt as though we are setting any records.


Anything that shows Lockyer up is interesting to me.
"He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy."


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I dont think orford is on that much now - if so we would have to pay closer to 500 to get him up here you would think.

bowen - when was his contract renewed?
cayless is overpaid IMO, but tahu might be close
dont think morley is on 400K but ricko is 300K + im sure

i see your point

one other thing though,all bar bowen and SBW are captains.

and people thought they didnt get paid more.

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