Inside running for Game Day Tix


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This is probably highly illiegal and if you involve yourself your will be complicit in the crime so you are warned before reading further.

I have 2 season tickets, I have already used my quota in getting game day tickets,however if you wish to avail yourselves of them send me a PM with email details and I will email copies of the Season Tickets to you.

I make no guarentees that you will be successfull in obtaining the tix, but the offer is there should you wish to try.

The Wheel
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Top stuff Pete, there are a few dodgy characters on here who I am sure will avail themselves of this.


Kim Jong Dan
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in the end I think I will go the honest way. I have to try and get 6 anyway and would rather them together 6 blokes together is better than 4


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Rest assured that I'd never do anything dodgy. I'm much too much of an upstanding citizen to do something like that.

Corso Pete, I'm shocked!!!!!!!! ;)


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Matabele - Knowing you mate, even with the winky face emoticon - I honestly don't think you WOULD do anything dodgy.


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I am only trying to provide Manly supporters with the best possible chance of ensuring their presence at the game. Parra season tix holders dad a head start by being able to purchase their tix on Sunday. I am just doing my bit to even up the score for Manly fans. So if Dennis Fitzgerald can do a deal with his season ticket holders I will do a deal for Manly fans.


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And rightly so Corso. Danners is organising 6 or so I think. We will be the 6 loudest ones at the ground. You should see Daniels Dad. Expect exploitives.


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FYI and to assist with any covert ops.
I got two tickets today using a 6 game flexi pass as back up. They actually asked me for the number off the pass and input it to the Ticketek machine.
The bloke said that this had only just come up as a requirement. Probably to stop the number of people doing dodgies.
This was at the Ticketek agency in the MetCentre in Wynyard.
So they may be able to cross reference multiple uses of the same season ticket number. So long as you don't have to line up for an hour it would probably still be worth trying .

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