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ok so the title is a bit misleading.

What I wanted to know is whether you prefer the news page witht he news in the format it is now or whether you would like a list of say the last 10 - 20 news artcicles to display first so you can jsut read the ones you want?
I like it the way it is now mate...because you know it's the most up to date info. Then if we need to look through existing news, we can search through the hyper links...
yeah I would change what is there just add like a "news Summary " so you can see at a glance, a summary of the last 10 or so news articles.

I will put up a sample
I trust you to make the right decision Dan.

Although the misleading headline tags you with being a Channel 7 journo from a previous life :D
it wasnt really completely misleading.

Have a look at the front page now and let me know what you think
I think the 4 google adds in a row under the banner is a bit much to scroll down to miss.
Looks good Dan. My only thought was maybe the 2 Amazon & Mags cheap ads might look better if their width is corrected to match up size wise under the top google ad box. Then move the season draw box to directly above the player profile boxes so they have an associated flow on ST info. Does that make sense ?
byso made a few changes does that meet your approval. The images at the top I feel detracts from the site a little bit but it does draw attention to where I want it drawn
Jatz some good ideas, i will try to change the size of the chitika ads for a start
Looks better than a few hours ago. Having the stuff on the right made it look better.

Only problem with the news now is it doesn't seem to jump out at us anymore.

Can you use a different font maybe?

The font has to match the adverts, that is kind of the point of it all :)

I will see if there is anything else I can do.

You can always go to http;// if you want just news.
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