I have to commend management......


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Despite copping loads and loads of **** from supporters Australia wide, Manly management in the last 2 years has recruited the following;

- Ben Kennedy
- Brent Kite
- Ashley Alberts
- Michael Witt
- Steven Bell
- Matt Orford

Gone from one of the worst to one of the best centre pairings. We now have probably the best backrow in the comp, and our halfback is now a rep standard player.

Not to mention Witt's goalkicking ability of above 80% and the two BK's ability to tighten up our ruck defense.

All I can say about our current management team.........



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I'm with you Blunty. A very good job by the lads and it could have been better had Delmege kept out of it.

See Max, they know their onions. Now, isn't there a DA to ram through on that car park development?


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Blunty, Completly agree. Managment have shown that if un-impeded, they can bring our club great thing. I have 110% confindence in most the blokes there.

Well done to those involved in bringing the leagues 2nd best hafl to the club. Pat on the back from AE!
to bring those players to a struggling club like this verges on the unbelieveable.well done des.may you have unfettered years ahead.


Kim Jong Dan
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I agree well done. and to be honest monasgate wasnt really managements fault either

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Well done to the Retention/Recruitment committee and hopefully this is the dawning of a new era. We have had a taste of it this year. Bring on 2006!!!!


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I'll fix that Backer. They should not have backed down with Monnas. THEY are the professionals. Not Max. His negativity, conspiracy theories, and dealings with the media is like a cancer to this club.


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That is a great achievement by the management team,in recruiting all those high standard players to Manly.Well done and let's hope there are more Blue Chip player's to come.Starting with Jamie Lyon.I read on the MSE forum that Big League report's in today's issue that we have signed Sideshow Bob from Parra... :clap: :clap:

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Kudos for management for persevering through the Orford saga - a great result. 2006 here we come.

It will be interesting to see what effect the signings have on the team for the rest of 2005. Will it inspire them to greater things (or at least out of the rut we find ourselves in) or will those departing or being demoted play with an attitude that will effect the playing morale of the team? Lets hope they all play like the professionals they are supposed to be.

Time will tell.


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Hard to tell.

Monas and Witt should be playing for the 5/8 spot (or at least think they are) and show some improvement.

Otherwise there isnt much competition.

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