I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

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Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

And you all predominantly agreed that it is a disgrace that our cap is being looked at. Then some of you said it was probably a QLD monopoly thing. Here is part two. Parramatta. How is THEIR cap going - espescially when you consider players running around in their reggies:-

Remember the brackets is who I think is getting paid more...

Brett Stewart ----------- Wade Mckinnon (Manly)
Paul Stephenson ------- Luke Burt (Parramatta by a long way)
Steven Bell-------------- Timana Tahu (even contest)
Ashley Alberts --------- Ben Smith (Parramatta by a long way)
Chris Hicks ------------- Eric Growthe (Parramatta)
Michael Monaghan ---- John Morris (Manly)
Matt Orford ------------- Tim Smith (Manly by a long way – for now)
Brent Kite --------------- Jason Cayless (even contest)
Luke Williamson ------- Mark Riddell (Parramatta by a long way)
Jason King -------------- Michael Vella (even contest believe it or not)
Anthony Watmough--- Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta by a long way)
Steve Menzies ---------- Glenn Morrison (Parramatta with our concessions)
Ben Kennedy ----------- Chad Robinson (Manly by a long way)

Shayne Dunley --------- P J Marsh (even contest)
Kylie Leuleuai ---------- Paul Stringer (Parramatta by a long way)
Daniel Heckenberg ----- Dean Widders (even contest)
Mark Bryant ------------- Aaron Cannings (Parramatta by a long way)

Then they have players like:

Fuifui Moimoi
Chris Muckert
Luke O’dwyer
Adam Peek
Henry Peranara
Matt Petersen
Daniel Wagon

Playing Premier League. OUR players of note are:-

Michael Witt
Steve Matai
Kane Cleal
Jim Curtis

With 1st grade experience.



Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

I meant Nathan Cayless too bu the way.


Kim Jong Dan
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I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

tahu signed for a ridiculous amount of liek $400,000 or something last year, Bell is only on $200,000+ so I would say Parra are over there.

I think the problem is because Manly didnt have any money for such a long period of time, they forgot how to handle it when they did and over paid a lot of players
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Why do you have the title "I compared Brisbanes playing roster against ours:-" and compare Manly and Parra's?
That a side, I agree with you. There are dumbass's at LU whinging of our possible chasing of Dykes, saying we cannot afford HIM let alone Jamie Lyon. The crazy thing is, they are Rooster and Eels fans - im tripping out!

Chip and Chase

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I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

I think to give a proper balance you should compare Parramatta to Brisbane and then you can hypothesise all you like.


Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

slamminsam - I did this same thing with Brisbane a while ago in another thread. I guess the reason or point I'm trying to make here is two pronged:-

01. We aren't getting value for money?
02. We are nowhere near the cap like people suggest.


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I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Nice work, next time some questions Manly on LU show them this

Kiwi Eagle

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I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

1 point to pull you up on champ

Why Ben Smith "by a long way". Both blokes were untried before the season so would be a similar value wouldn;t they ? Or has Smith had an upgrade


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

is ryan after schewys job as cap auditor :p

u do make some good points


Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Kiwi - Ben Smith was off contract this year. Manly apparently had eyes for him (so says The Manly Daily anyway). So was Growthe. BOTH were retained with BIG upgrades to their contracts. Interesting when you consider last year they were saying that they may have to offload players to Chad Robinson, yet they have retained all their big name players.

Anyone heard of Parramatta's Astro Turf Co. Pty Limited. Apparently they employ 50% of the team as the players second job...LoL (I'm kidding by the way)


I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Who is questioning the cap? There are the usual rival fans who whinge when anybody but Souths buy more than 2 players and maybe a Wilson or Weidler throwing **** through a fly screen hoping to hit something.

Haven't heard anything since Orford signed, and that was more to do with his individual contract than the salary cap.


Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

SilentBob - Orfords announcement has not been officially announced by manly due to that fact that Orfords contract, and Manlys cap is currently under investigation as we speak.
It's ludicrous.
Our Roster is SOO far inferior to other teams. Look at Souths next year for Christ sakes!!! They'll have players like:-

Hegarty, Gulovou, Mcdouggall X 2, Dykes, Cusack, Webb, Mellor, Minichello to name a few.

We have to consider we have LOTS of players who would be on pretty small contracts:- Witt, Alberts, Matai, Stephenson, Robertson, Rose, Bryant etc...

To be honest, I have to start to question Manly's trading ability, if we are close to our cap after releasing:-

Hoppa, Hill, Harris, Randall, Donald & possibly more to come, and we have bought 2 good players (who mind you aren't the most youthful chips off the old block.


I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Not officially announced? How does that explain Pat Wilson saying...

"He is a welcome addition to our club and we are delighted he has chosen to become a Sea Eagle from the 2006 season."

...as reported on the NRL site.

I'm yet to see anything saying the club is under investigation, is there an article somewhere about it?

The Wheel

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I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

The NRL and other clubs furore over Orford seems to have died a natural death so I presume there was nothing untoward found.

I guess my summation of the Ryans question is that we have some players not earning there keep or are getting overpaid for their ability.

I have it on good authority that Kane Cleal was re signed by the club last week for an amount that far exceeds his effort/performance that he has shown on the field over the last 2 seasons.


Journey Man
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

When will the Crusher effect ACTUALLY kick in. Is it wait another decade?


First Grader
I compared Parra's playing roster against ours:-

Well resiging Kane would be a result of the Crusher effect, although not the kind of signing I would like.

Crushers primary job is to bring talented youngsters to the club, I would say we should see a few come through over the next 2 to 3 years.

Jamie Lyon was in Sydney for a 3 or 4 yrs before he played 1st grade.
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