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Listening to the radio this morning I heard a sad story, which poses a few questions.

This ladies baby daughter was travelling in a car with the grandparents. When on the express way travelling at 100 km/hr the car got hit by a German tourists car (it just pulled out without seeing the other car) a tragic accident.

The baby died! the grandparents survived but are critical.

The German was fine.

The cops said the tourists should get 7-10 years but a week latter the Tourist was sent home with traffic fines only.

The lady felt cheated by the system as she expected the German to go to jail.

The question is.

1. If you’re loved one gets killed by an accident. Does it make it easier if the person you is at fault punished?

2. Or is it impossible to console such a loss. Reflecting your grief to the person at fault still won’t help, therefore his punishment is inconsequential?


I would say #2 but not having really been thrust in to a situation like that I don't think I could rule out #1


From seeing this 1st hand as a Nurse - the grief is overwhelming & nothing you or anyone else can do will bring that person back BUT there is some help if justice is done & the person responsible is held accountable. It seems to give the relatives some sense of closure and helps them move on and grieve properly.
I certainly do not want to be in that situation myself!
Mind you, the people responsible have to live for the rest of their lives that they were responsible for the death - that would be punishment enough!


I have the utmost respect for nurses and the job they do.
There is no way that I could handle some of the things I have heard my sister talk about (who is a nurse herself) and I'm of the belief they should be paid more, after all without them we would all be in a bit of trouble!


PJ - I totally agree that we should be paid more BUT there would be such a stink over having to pay more taxes to cover the wage increases! There is a critical shortage of Nurses around Australia and who could blame young people not wanting to get into the profession. Where else do you do 3 1/2 years of study & come out on such poor conditions? I certainly don't do it for the $$$$.....
There was a study put out last year that showed around 1/3 of the Nurses from Canberra Hospital will be retiring within the next 5 years & they don't have a clue as to where they are going to replace them from......


Journey Man
Nursing would have to be the most underpaid profession.

I have heard many a nursing story from my mum and it can get very gory. Private hospital nurses do get paid more.


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It reminds of that Aussie Cyclist who got killed a few weeks ago , it appears the Young Girl driver is gonna get a slap on the wrist


Kim Jong Dan
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how would I a tooheys or two......sorry couldnt help myself


Kim Jong Dan
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I have an opinion, but life is too short ona footy forum for such serious things.

Ever have one of those days where you struggle to find anything good in the world and your life?

me neither


I would go for No 1 Byso A friend of mine and his son were killed when a truck ran over them as they waited to turn right it was on the Bruce Hwy a straight clear section of the road. My friend's indicator was on and the truck had quite a way to travel till he hit him my friend couldnt move as traffic was coming the other way. This truck driver got off with nothing not even a traffic offence (like rearending a driver I thought that automatically was an offence) It took me a long time to come to terms with that it was so unfair he took two peoples lives and didnt even get a traffic violation. :0


Reserve Grader
Sociological studies have found that victim's families do not benefit at all from severe punishment of the perpetrator... However, lack of punishment is terribly frustrating. Not to mention totally unfair
The only people to benefit from punishment such as incaceration are the victims themselves, if alive. Rape victims do feel a little safer.
However, counselling is much more effective than punative punishment for the (live) victims & their families & friends...


Winging it
Sociological studies have found that victim's families do not benefit at all from severe punishment of the perpetrator... However, lack of punishment is terribly frustrating.
Frustrating? Fire up "Old Smokey" I say.
In this instance the only people to benefit from incarceration are all the rest of the road users who have one less idiot to keep an eye out for. :wall:


Reserve Grader
For me... it was 2... but if it concerns someone else... I've been known to become terribly angry for their sake...


Journey Man
Punishment really depends on the level of negligence and/or carelessness involved.

If someone is blind drunk and kills someones, excessive speed, sheer recklessness etc, they shouldn't be protected from the consequences of their choices.

However, where it involves a mistake or just a tragic set of circumstances, it surely can't be argued they deserve the same level of punismnet as someone that blows .25.

In the particular case Byso mentions, the level of negligence is unknown? One wonders, if they come from Germany, whether they had problems adjusting to RHD and driving on the LHS.

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