How many weeks for Carl Webb?

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Journey Man
That punch is not as bad as the Danny Williams one in that he attacked the man from in front, not behind.

However, I reckon he's looking at 6-8 weeks.

The Wheel
Premium Member
I thought at least 4 weeks, it was a king hit but he didn't knock him out or break his jaw. Therefore rightly or wrongly the punishment will be less.
Be interesting to compare it to what Barrett got for punching Marsh. Webb may use that as part of his defence but may be punished just because he can throw a better puch than Barrett.


Journey Man
webb had more time to think about his actions than barret.

He prob should go for a long time but will get a GF reprieve because it is the final series and finals count more.


Journey Man
I think punching anyone in the head that is not expecting it is a 10+ week suspension. Like everyone says, it wasn't spare of the moment, it was pre meditated. Well, as much as a footballer could anyway. LoL

The Wheel
Premium Member
What about Ben Cross,?? I think he should get 4 to 6 weeks as well


Journey Man
Cross is a fool and it was good to see Matai have a crack at him. Also good to see the other lads coming in from everywhere to help out.

We want more of that kind of team solidarity.


Journey Man
I have to agree - it was good to see the team fighting for eachother.

The knees was a very cheap shot and looked rather deliberate. I would be thinking he would go


Winging it
I'm shocked he didn't get sent or at least 10 minutes there & then !!!
Just a big lump of a Canberra lad trying to make a name for himself. Despite all the Raider whinging, that is why he got 10 minutes so soon after this event. He was walking a very thin line.


i work with the husband of Crosses cousin and i was into him all day. I love when the Eagles are playing well cause out of 200 employees at the place i work we have 2 eagle supporters and we have been giving them all hell all year.Top Stuff. Keep it up Manly.

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