How good is Martyn

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Journey Man
The Pakis must really love the guy.

Scores nice and slow.

He expects the new batsman to puch the run rate.

And he is wonderful when it comes to run outs - ask Katich


UFO Hunter
I stick up for you a lot fluffy. But sometime you are just a plain ****head. Stop trying to stir up **** and you won't cop half of what you do. Sometimes you are just plain asking for it.


First Grader
Ah I see fluffys point. He's trying to get a few jabs in. It's ODI cricket ppl are gunna get run out big deal. Hoe come your not putting crap on Lehman? He's trully ****e!


UFO Hunter
You gota stop trying so hard to be everyones mate byso. Call a spade a spade.

If that was matabele that said that about something fluffy wrote, you wouldnt be able to read it amongst all the ^&%$^#$^%$# and *%&%$^$#

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Fluffy mate,I think it is time you returned your Guide Dog and traded in for 1 who actually watches the cricket before letting you know what to write.


Journey Man
Well running out your partner so obviously might do in NZ but that could be why your not the best in the world.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Katich is responsible for his own mouth,and the words that came out of it in that situation were "no" and there was also a "wait",so Martyn had every right to turn his back.

They both played their part in that run out,it wasn't all 1 way


Journey Man
Telecast i saw had a wait then small yes - but martyn was coming and then turned without saying anything


Katich never said no, Martyn saw him coming then turned his back. There was a clear "wait" but there was clearly no "no".

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