Hoppa= gone

I think that the send off in todays game should be a big wake up call to the club management...we were up 24-0 b4 hoppa got sent off and now at 30-16 with 30 or so minutes to go i think we should win but if we dont ill certainly be pointing the finger at hoppa %-6 the club have said they will not tolerate any misbehaviour from him...afta the ball boy incident in NZ what will it take next..all i hope 4 is manly to get up today....does anybody feel differently about hoppa's situation? :boho:
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Hoppa will be gone for life now. I just don't know why he jumped up, so stupid!!

How funny was the crowd yelling PEACHY'S A WANKER at the end. !dance:
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Hoppa !BDH!

That is the end of it for him. So needles too. We were well on top. I really can't understand what he was trying to prove!
It's bloody dissapointing. We were carving them up, then that happens to the poor big fella Galloway. It seemed the crowd just went silent, and Manly lost their desire. It surely is now the end of Hoppa, I don't know why they re-signed him.
I hope Galloway comes out of this ok , and as for Hoppa alls i can do is shake my head , Manly seem to of lost it when Hoppa got sent off and the Sharks picked up , o well it was a great game anyway . :clap: :clap:
Im more concerned at why Tezza was taken off at HT? is he injured..

At the ground i thought the hit was awesome.. but man thats a shocking hit from Hoppa. Thats the last straw.

Thing that annoys me was we were 24-0 up and it wasnt necessary. We were going to hit them with 60. Instead of the talk about us winning its going to be about Hoppa AGAIN. Enough is enough.
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It looked fine from my side of the field but from what ive heard the elbow was out - 6 - 10 weeks and bye bye Hoppa.

Creary better get pumped for next week

Last i saw of Tezza he was limping up the tunnel.

Monahan also went off for a while injured but dio come back near the end.


Kim Jong Dan
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Creary has deserved this chance for a long time. I for one am very excited about seeing him get a run.


Kim Jong Dan
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he does, although i saw him caught out badly once in PL. However one bad compared to the hundreds of good.
His defense will be needed next week.

If hill is out I guess Johnson will come in and hoppa is no doubt gone so Creary or the Peach will get a run
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I think creary will get a run over peachy for defence.

I think Ryan will have Luchetti in there though

It appears Hill injured his hammy in warm up - hence why it was strapped. He may be ok.

Hopefully Hill, BK and Monas recover well from their little injuries
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That's a 12 week hit by Hoppa. However, he has a terrible record with the judiciary - add another 50% for that. Then add another 50% because his name is Hopoate and possibly another 50% for the media hysteria this is going to generate.

24 weeks minimum I reckon.


Kim Jong Dan
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he definately had cramp they were stretching it out after the last try.

BK walked out after the game with ice on his calf muscle
They were all dead after an amazing effort. Love the committment and scramble defence considering we were a man down we only conceded 4 points in the 2nd half.

Taylor should get a look in if Tezza is out. Creary should be in for hoppa 100%. The guy is an awesome defender. He comes off his line for hits as well but legit ones.

Plus when i asked him for an autograph (on paper) he gave me a training jersey with his signature.. absolute legend :)
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Hill should play, just a calf strain. But he will get it checked out today.

Monas is fine, he will play
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Burns was going well in PL when we put 50 on the board. But im glad monas is ok.

I cant say i think that hit was any worse than dickhead from melbourne last year. So any more than 13 weeks and its a rip off
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