Hoppa challenges Geyer to a Bout

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After his big win Hoppa is challenging Mark Geyer to a brawl - even in a cage!!!!!!


Hoppa is a nut!!

Why the hell would Mark Geyer take on a now Pro Boxer??

I don't think geyer has had any training in boxing.... i mean i know the guy can fight but that's street/thug fighting.

I guess what i saw from Hoppa was much the same.

Hoppa let the WBA pick your boxers for you :roll:


47 seconds.

Next time that should match Hoppa up with someone who can actually fight instead of a punching bag.


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Now that's a joke, not even long enough to see if he can fight. He could of at least dragged it out.


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he just went in and absolutely pummelled the guy to the floor. He knocked him out in 47 seconds


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Did you sear the fear in the guys eyes before he even took the ring? Quite obviously a hand picked pug who had no idea.

Mark Geyer couldn't be any worse, even without training.


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isnt that how all ex footy players do it - mundines first dozen or so were useless, fist guy he fought that could throw a pucnh he lost to, second was last night which he won. Thats over about 5 years


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has fought a few more decent fighters than mundine in his career,

according to some experts after he cooked himself one night and hasnt been the same since

definatly not in his top form at the moment - but if they had fough when he fisrt challenged mundine - mundine wouldnt have been in his best for - flip of the coin really

but ive never said mundine inst a decent fighter - just that he is one annoying mofo


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Mundine was smart or maybe it was his father or manager.

Mundine probably would have lost if he fought Green when he was first challenged, but dont forget Green had a long amatuer career whilst Mundine was a league player so he did have more fighting experience. by holding of on the fight he managed to get more experience and generate much more interest which = $$$$$$$$.


thing is Hoppa doesnt have 5 years like Mundine did. Hoppas in it for a quick buck.. he may have to take on someone half decent pretty soon.. hes not getting any younger. From what i saw.. Hoppa should stick to football. He has plenty of power but his technique was very raw. Good luck though Hoppa.


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Too hard to tell. Hoppa was obviously instructed to go out and make an impression. The other poor bloke was hand picked and knew what was about to happen before he got anywhere near the ring.

Hoppas first 5-6 fights will all be against similar opponents.


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Shame isn't it, I wonder if his opponent got paid more cash than him, something like danger money.


Did anyone get the age of that bloke he was fighting- my tip was he was old enough to be his father!
I'll reserve my judgement on Hoppa till he fights someone that fights back!


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MARK Geyer won't be accepting John Hopoate's offer to get it on in the square ring. After demolishing some stiff in his professional boxing debut on the Mundine-Green undercard, "Hoppa" challenged Geyer to a fight in a cage, saying he was sick of "MG" bagging league players in his magazine column. Geyer yesterday declined the invitation, saying: "My boxing days are over, it won't be happening. I'm quite flattered, to tell you the truth - he mentioned my name after his greatest moment in sport."
If you didn't see Geyer's rsponse on the Footy Show last night it was a classic, said something along the lines of he did not see how Hoppa could take offence at his writing as he did not use pictures in his stories. Perhaps Hoppa meant the "Cage" nightclub as I dont see how a Hoppa/Geyer fight would fill a bigger venue.

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I like the 'greatest moment in sport' quote. Considering Hoppa has played for Australian and won a grand final that is a great comment when related to beating an overweight nobody in 47 secs. :lol: :lol:

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