Hewitt into Semi's-----great role model!

Journey Man
Warne was great off the court, helped out some bookie friends, and increased some womens self confidence.
UFO Hunter
Steve Waugh is fine. I don't see a problem anyone could have with him. Shane Warne... yeah... but the job he does for cricket is great.

Hewitt: C'Mon!!!! = Wanker
Gordon Tallis: Constant niggle, bad mouthing, fighting and arguing with refs = Legend.

:shock: I just dont get it.
First Grader
I despise Tallis and am as mad as hell that he has been chosen as a director of the NRL. See the Sunday Papers as to their response to it - If this is not a News Limited Reward for good behaviour during the SuperLeague War I don't know what is. Paper quoted him as not having an iota between the ears or the ability to discern anything when trying to make a decision with his manager. A very poor choice that will come back to bite them - at least get an ex-player like Tooves that has a brain and can make a decision and has some nouse. He is a buffooon!
First Grader
You are very balanced on most things but when it comes to the QLD think you have a massive log in your eye! (Like a railway sleeper!) :wink:
First Grader
Ben Elias - I hated him then, I despise him now and I never had any time for him, even when he inspired NSW to a win. He is a tosser and a #@%^&*!
First Grader
Travelling home listening to the radio 2SM talkin sport Gavin Robertson & Graham Hughs also agree that Hewitt is a champion player & person. There is also no comparison from the antics that Conners and Super brat went on with. Plus many other callers agreed.

Storm in a tea cup!

Knock the Poo for no passion and Hewitt for too much...........hhmmmm!
Journey Man
Ummmmmmmmmm. Who was stirring the storm?

I think byso started this thread.

But heaven help you if you don't happen to agree with his red neck, conga line cheese cake view of the world.
First Grader
mmmm.....well thats a worthy addition to the debate............ :shock: :shock:

I must remember that. I really didn't think you would take the debate to heart....go figure! :roll:
Journey Man
Yeah, I'm really angry with you byso and next time I see you we'll take it outside and settle it once and for all. :wink:
First Grader
You're a classic. :p

Guns at dawn! :lol: :lol:

Next time i'll remember to keep in line and agree with you chaps. I think we agree on one thing. That we're Manly supporters :wink:

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