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Help Save York City Knights

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Caldecott, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Caldecott

    Caldecott New Member

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    Hello all from down under, I am a supporter of York City Knights from England and currently our club is in danger of going out of business. York RL has had a long history and have reached the Challenge Cup Final in the past. Currently we play in Championship 1, the third tier in England. If you want a bit of background info here are some links below.



    The city of York council gave full planning permission on Friday for a new 8000 capacity community stadium, this planning permission was given despite a 29 page objection being submitted at the 11th hour by the owner of York City Knights, John Guildford. Guildford also went on to speak at the meeting, lodging his objection to the stadium in a less than eloquent manner. These objections proved totally fruitless and only further enhanced the councils position against him.

    Our first league game was on Good Friday and as of now we have nowhere to play home games and absolutely no chance of anywhere to play with the current owner in place due to his actions.

    We have a local businessman, Jason McGill, who is also owner of York City Football Club (Play in League 2 - fourth tier) wanting to take over the club but as of yet Guildford has refused to enter into negotiations with him. The RFL are fully aware of his intentions and business case but will not assist in a takeover, if this takeover doesn’t happen we’re basically stuffed. No professional-RL club in York.

    Some fans have set up a petition and while it might not do anything (1m+ signatures didn’t keep Jeremy Clarkson in a job!) it something to put forward to the RFL to show what Rugby League supporters want for the club in York.

    This isn't going to necessarily get Guildford out of the club, but it might draw attention to the RFL what is going on. John Guildford has threatened to shut the club down on more than one occasion so far and I cannot even begin to think about the thought of this happening again.This is the same club who have enabled the likes of Tom Lineham, Danny Brough, Jamie Ellis, Peter Fox, Matt Blaymire, Ian Kirke etc. To go on to play in Super League.

    If you do decide to sign it is greatly appreciated. I have been touched so far at the amount of support that has come in from all over the country from different clubs and we have had several supporters from Australia already. The link is below, we would appreciate your support.

    Thank you for reading this, any questions feel free to ask

  2. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Thanks for posting , interesting story , good luck with it all!!

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