Help Needed with Windows Media Video Files

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For a non techo geek!! I am trying to convert some WMA (Windows media video files) into soundtrack only files (mna or mp3) so that they can be used as an audio file only to go with other video for a work production. Is there an easy way of separating the video and audio or importing them into another format as I can't work out how to do it.

I am trying to make a video file with Vanessa Amorosi's Absolutely Everybody and Tina Turner's Simply the Best. Sadly my internet is blocked from all music download sites so that rules out that avenue.

If anyone can give me tip (in non-geek speak) I would be very grateful! :stupid:
its not that easy. you need a program like tmpeg or something that is used for DVD and video ripping
its not asy I hate doing it but like i say dvd ripping tools do this. so try or
Alternatively you could probably use something like TotalRecorder. It's a 'soft sound card' that sits between your applications and your sound card. Any sound that gets produced is also stored into whatever format you want.

It's not a bad little app (and there's tons around that do the same thing) the only (small) problem is that it's 'real time': it doesn't rip sound out as such, so you need to wait for the WMA to play before you have the sound you want, if you get my drift...
oh lincoln your so much more geekier than me
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