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Canteen Worker

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I hope Daniel is better than this:

My computer had to be reimaged so that the problems with it could be rectified - I left my laptop with them for two days.

I phoned to ask if the computer was ready - response was: I e-mailed you an hour ago that it was ready!!!!! :wall: :wall: :wall:


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Now this will go back to a discussion I had with Dan about the knowledge of some in the IT industry.

Very funny CW :)


Kim Jong Dan
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I suggest the guy was probably having a lend of you....otherwise we need a head shaking icon....

thats terrible, I cant believe he has done it in 2 days, he will give us all a name that will force us to do work


Kim Jong Dan
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no no Fluffy you have it wrong. I am surprised he said he knows how to email!

You have to keep your cards close to your chest other wise before you know it people are ringing up every 5 minutes mistakingly thinking you want to help them
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