Hasler named Titans coach after shock Holbrook exit

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Journey Man
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It wouldnt surprise me if Penn has Holbrook lined up if Seibold gets the boot.
Holbrook was another promising coach that failed to fulfil his promise

The moral of the Holbrook head coach Titans era
Success is not a linear line
but if you dont get consistent results
you are in the firing line

The '47ers

When Eagles are silent Parrots begin to chatter


Titans players won’t know what has hit them, no more bludging.

Except Foz, I bet he gets plenty of phone calls today.

The '47ers

When Eagles are silent Parrots begin to chatter
What is so unlikely in your world feathered friend ?

In the real world all things are possible
True, but actually thought Holbrook was going okay! Don't get me wrong, it'll do the place good up here


Reserve Grader
WOW. Well I'll be f&^%ed. I don't see that as an upgrade and in 3 years time the Tits salary cap will be a basket case.


Journey Man
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Apart from one in 2004/05 against Cronulla, I don’t recall any ‘record scores’ against Manly under Des, Scott Penzo.

On the other hand, Manly under Des handed out a record scores of their own.
In Des second coming there were record scores against us
This 56 to 6 debacle in Des's second year of his second coming in 2020 was one of them
This was nothing but a game of touch for the opposition .



Journey Man
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True, but actually thought Holbrook was going okay! Don't get me wrong, it'll do the place good up here
There is no such mark as an ok mark for a head coach
A head coach either
Meets expectations
Over achieves

Holbrook underachieved


The game has passed Dino Des by. There aren’t many good coaches around, so I can sort of see why they’ve given him a go. Does reek of desperation though. They tried a young coach who had success in the super league and it didn’t work, so they’re giving an old guy a go who hasn’t achieved much since about 2014. He’s great at getting the players prepared and up for a game, so they’ll probably finish the year off well, and maybe even have a solid 2024. Wheels will have fallen off mid way through 2025 though. Won’t be coaching in 2026.


Wait he isn’t starting until 2024. Point stands, sacked before the 2026 season.

Wonder if Donny Singe and Crusher will head up with him.

The Who

Journey Man
Holbrook is very unlucky. I'd imagine he has a better win:loss record this season than DESpicable did in his final season at Manly.
Ahh, what a wonderful career it must be as an NRL coach: You fail, get sacked, get a big payout then some other mug club picks you up and the gravy train resumes.
What other profession is so forgiving for failures?

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