[Resurrected] Hasler - Evaluate the Coach!!!!

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It seems a few of the glass half-full crowd are now blaming Des for the reality that has finally dunken in that we are not Minor Premiers, favourites for the title etc that some stupidly swallowed when we were April Champions.

Instead of realising that their expectations were overinflated they are now looking for a scapegoat and it seems that Des is the man to take the fall for all that has happened.

How do posters feel about Des' peformance and the signing of him as coach for the next three years. Give reasons for your views!!!


First Grader
I think Dessie has failed to keep the players focussed. He was involved in Monasgate. “Probably� resorted to lying to Monas/players etc. This in turn loses the trust of players.

Hence the loss of intensity of players.

He has kept King in the side for far too long, when he wasn’t fit. He held Hecks back, when he should have played.

He His game style is so easy to read. Therefore opposing teams don’t even require a coach to work us out. Our attack is a joke only one playmaker.

If you say he hasn't got the players, he bought them.

I could go on!
I think he has done a good job and have said that he should be judged on what happens next year. If you look back to the winning run at the end of 2004 Imo Des would have been happy with the way the backs were going and apart from trying to get a quality centre to partner Hicks concentrated on improving the pack (the BK's) and defence. Not being able to attract a quality cente he decided to gamble on Hill and then Walker's drug ban forced him to cast about for another half (Witt). Knowing that the best way to get a jump on the other teams was fitness he had the team firing early but then injuries, Hicks early and then put on the wing (still a mystery) and Hoppa getting rubbed out exposed our lack of depth in the backs. The SOO broke up our back row and Hecks injury forced him to play King injured. Fair enough he bought the players he has but in a lot of ways things were also forced on him and both him and Crusher have said that whatever happens in 2005 is a bonus and that they are really aiming to be a force in 2006


Kim Jong Dan
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5 biggest losses in club history=no good, you couldnt have had a worst pack than we had under sharpie, yet we still didnt have our biggest defeat.

But in all our form at the end of last year and the start of this year was outstanding. i dont really think it was dessies fault more down to certain players and certain circumstances


Journey Man
Why say your OBVIOUS stance & set the tone on the topic BEFORE asking the question. You are utilising interviewing techniques, and one I won't adhere to.

Canteen Worker

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I just want to you to reason why you think Dessie is now suddenly a poor coach.

Forget the top bit: Is Des a good coach? Give your reasons. Is that okay Captain????


Reserve Grader
i think next year would be Des's make or break year. This year, he had a very good pack, and this will continue next year. The backs however...although I like and support them all...who except Stewart, Hicks & Monas would have got a run in 1st grade at other clubs. Matia, Alberts and Stepho, whilst promising are, as expected, a little wet behind the ears for 1st grade and Terry was there more for his experience than skill because Manly were light on backs.
Manly have overacheived. i didn't expect to be 2nd on the ladder after 12 weeks and didn't expect to lose 8 of last 9 games, but fact is, they are one game away from the 8. Hopefully a more experienced backline compliments the forwards next year to get a better gauge on Des's ability.


Journey Man
Ok - Whilst I think Des has the commitment & passion necessary, I think he is slow to mak critical decisions at times, and this has an adverse effect on the team:-

01. Andrew Walker @ fullback WAY too long;
02. Mullane @ 5/8 WAY too long when injurred;
03. Extra running forward this year;
04. No recognised goal kicker;
05. Shielding players when there is no effort;
06. Time given off - they came back MORE lethargic;
07. Upbeat after losing.

But then again Canteen, I cannot discount that Dessy has exceeded my early expectations REGARDLESS of back end of year form.

In his TWO years as coach he HAS attracted Brent Kite, Ben Kennedy, Steven Bell & Matt Orford. These players wouldn't want to play for a coach with no vision.

Look, my negativity has evolved from concurrent losses. IN PERSPECTIVE, I may go off a bit cocked, when in reality, we are talking finals, as upposed to spoons.

I DID say two years ago, that if we improve year on year, then I will be happy. Geez, I guess that has happenned.

Also, hindsight is a wonderful thing, so I guess those changes Des made MAY have worked, & I would be labelling him a genious (my usual heart on sleeve stuff).

Ok - He's AT LEAST deserving of one more good year. That doesn't mean if we lose on the weekend, I won't come on here all emotional, and call for his head....LoL

Is that Ok General?


Journey Man
I think Des is a poor Head coach.

He has the basics down pat.

He doesnt seem to be doing anything - no changes, no game plans, no set plays no 5/8.

His lack of ability to act on the obvious leeds me to believe he doesnt have the marbles for a 1st grade coach


Premium Member
When you look at the back end of last season & the first half of this year his win/loss ratio is fantastic.

So did the club do the right thing by signing a 3 year contract, at the time it would have been difficult to disagree with their decision but for me 3 years is always too long for any coach, especially a rookie coach in Hasler.

Like Ryan has said (yes I do agree with some of the things you say) Des has persisted with out of form players for far too long, not playing a specialist 5/8 has proved to be a poor decision and relying on part time goal kickers in the past 6 or 7 weeks has been especially hurtful to our chances.

I guess for me is how did a winning coach becoming a losing coach? The answer to that probably lies outside of Des' control. The team lost focus after Monasgate, players such as Harris and Donald were told around the same time that they would be offloaded for 2006 despite having contracts.

I do not want this to be a debate on the rights or wrongs of losing those players. it has more to do with team morale, it was shattered and has not recovered.

If you remember our early season success was built on the 1 percent plays, those little things that make the difference, covering the inside player, backing up a ball player. These plays are essentially made out of desire, not skill, take away the desire & the committment and you have a losing football team.


Reserve Grader
just wondering....why does team morale go out the window if Harris is given permission to negotiate with other clubs (fair), Randall is told he is not required (fair) & if Manly don't offer Donald a contract because Donald wants to play in England. Donald has stated that it is what he wants to do and that he's like to come back to Manly one day....

Only the Monas thing was handled badly and if this is the reason that all has gone sour, then you'd think we are talking about a bunch of whinging brats instead of footy players.

I dunno mate, player movements have been happening for years. What if some players are actually happy with the roster building for next year?

For those who have played sports, do you fire up even more in adversity or shrink?

I put it down to lack of experience in the backs, Witt was never a 5/8, played admirably, but couldn't set a backline alight, BK missing during SOO, Watmough injury and some poor form in the latter half of the year from key players.....from King to...i hate to say it... beaver


Premium Member
Both Harris & Donald had contracts that took them to 2006. They were both told long before it became public that they would be offloaded.

At the time they were told to look elsewhere the team was coming in the top 3 and things were looking good.

When players are under contract it is reasonable to assume that they will be around for 2006. Other players were astounded with the decision to punt these 2 players, particulary Harris who is a local junior and is one of the most liked players in the squad.

These guys are only human, they have friendships that extend beyond football. Add to this the fact MM is unwanted by the people that matter most to him, the coaching staff and you have a unfortunate mix.

Whilst the players are proffesssional and know that renewal of their contracts is totally dependant on their performance they have a reasonable expectation that their current contracts will be honoured.


I think the end of season run from last year is over hyped. They won 3 of their last 4 but before that they were 2/8 with a bye in between, and in 4 of those games they conceded 52, 56, 50 and 72. They won 4 games in the first half of the season, and 5 in the second half.


When in doubt or things go wrong, then blame even sack the coach. You see it in the news all the time..
No matter if Des can coach or not how would we know if he has outside input or lack of say in final selections, there is not much he can do. One ship one captain allow it to settle, it takes time to get everything right. As they say Rome was not built in a day, but in saying that. "I was not the boss on that job either".
Just when you think you have control and can see them travelling right, some arse with so-called good intentions and a wealth of self professed knowledge or a fat check book goes behind your back or over the top of you and cuts you down.
Then because they can bury their mistakes, they go off saying oh it is nothing to do with me. But not so the Head Coach. He is usually controlled by those above him. and Manly has plenty of those and many hangers on.
Right or wrong he (the head coach) gets the blame.
Look at our list of coaching staff. Many are all talk for little results. Coaching is a business it's a full time profession.
Question would Bobby Fulton have put up with this type of crap? No! He got control of his players, and their selections, and he built up a big junior develpoment squad he could rely on and draw off. Ship up or ship out was his policy I am sure.
I am also sure that we play our players according to how much we pay them; not to their ability at the time.
I do not know the amount of control Des has. However, I do know coaching and the head coach if he is to be accountable, then he must also have the power to be given the control. That is if they (the players and staff) do not perform, he can drop them and bring up somebody who wants and is working for the chance.
Not play to favourites or old mates!
Our selectors have been guilty of flogging a dead horse or two. We seem to be very good at that.

On another note does anybody know if we have resigned Hecks and Steppa yet?????


Journey Man
So what your saying is that those above him did not allow any game plans or set plays??

Hecks had his contract extended to 2006 a few months back, steppa has not officially signed yet but is believed to be close.


First Grader
Barks, Randall was stuffed around they should have told him before June 30 to start looking around. He had lesser chance of finding an NRL club because of this. Its the least they could of done.


Personally I have been pretty disappointed with Hasler's post game excuses in recent weeks.
He has seemed to blame losses on numerous occassions on everything but the poor performances his side has been bringing to the field. It's just not a good image he portrays...but he's not alone in that department.


Fluffy if your question was to my writings.
I believe that Des was doing real well until like MM, he got the new LONG contract. Then the crap hit the fan.
I am not living in the Manly area now where I was born and lived for many great years. My business took me to QLD. So I am not close enough to hear the rumblings first hand but from outside it looks to me like Des does not have full control, and that could be a reason many of you say he does not seem strong. And I feel that decisions could be bring made before he is told of them <> THEN IT'S TOO LATE!
I have been a very big MANLY FAN for years.
I coach many champions and world class athletes. From them I expect commitment, focus, and that they at least have a go. They in turn expect and get from me the same commitment etc. But in saying that mine is not a team sport it is a sport of individuals that can be hard to control due to travelling the world racing.

Have been overseas a lot this year so did not know about Hecks but pleased he is with us still. Feel Steppa is (no pun) stepping up to the tasks and developing well, he is a strong performer now!

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