Harmichael Kunt to debut

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The Wheel

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Seriously how does this guy get a start in front of Brett Hodgson, Scifoske (spelling help required), Bowen, Whysser and even Brett Stewart. I admit I haven't watched too many Broncos games but this would have to be a joke. I doubt he would even start for Qld at Fullback. :evil:

Mini ruled out, Hunt to debut
May 1, 2006

NEW Zealand-born Karmichael Hunt will make his Test debut for Australia in Friday's clash with the Kiwis after Kangaroos fullback Anthony Minichiello was ruled with a lower back injury today.

Checking out ... Minichiello is out for the Kangaroos. Pic: Gregg Porteous

Minichiello passed a fitness test of his injured hamstring yesterday afternoon, but was today rubbed out after an assessment by team doctor Hugh Hazard on a lower back problem.

The withdrawal has opened the way for 19-year-old Brisbane custodian Hunt to make his international debut.

The call-up is expected to cause controversy across the Tasman given Hunt was born in New Zealand, but he has frequently stated an ambition to play State of Origin for Queensland, which would rule him out of playing for the Kiwis.

On Minichiello's withdrawal, Australian Rugby League chief executive Geoff Carr said: "There was no doubt Mini was desperate to play and he did everything we could have asked in the fitness test (on his hamstring).

"However when he was further assessed that night there was some ongoing concern over whether a lower back problem he has been carrying did not make the overall risk too high for him and the team.

"After discussions with team medical staff, the selectors made a late request for Karmichael Hunt to be put on standby and asked to fly to Sydney today as a precaution.

"Anthony had a light work out this morning and following a later assessment by team doctor Hugh Hazard we decided it was best that Anthony be ruled out."

Hunt will join North Queensland's Johnathan Thurston as Test debutants for the match at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium.

i must admit to being a fan of Hunts, however i did go to the broncos roosters game and it was noticeable how much pace he has lost, he got in the clear and was run down very easily.

Still has good hands however and creative for a fullback.

Hodgson has been injured and would not have been considered.

I thought Bowen would have had a shot.,
doubt they would throw Inglis in before even playing Origen,

Not sure what influence Hunt has, its not like Bennet and Ricky stuart are best mates, with Hodgson not available , the NSW selectors really didnt have enough ammo to stop hunt or bowen getting into the side.
****in bull****

He is crap!!

bowen, wesser, shifcofske, inglis, stewart, hornby, hodgson, patten .... do i need to name anmore fullbacks better than him??
oh,,, oops!

i guess he has been around for a while, even though so young.

personally i dont care anyway lol
hehe I agree with you he shouldnt be there, he isnt good enought to play at either of those levels
Why dont they drop Lockyer to Fullback (like they wanted to), bring Thurston in to the starting line up and throw someone else onto the bench?
Nutz just loves the Broncos doesnt he lol

:evil: :evil:

hahaha nah mate not a bronco fan at all... i went to the game on saturday night and anyone there would have thought i was a raiders fan!! hahaha i have 2 teams... Manly first and foremost then anyone playing the flogco's
2 thi gs I hate about Qld - Canetoads and the Broncos. I can't until their end of season post origin flop
I reckon Ben Hornby was worth a shot. He was awesome for the Dragons at fullback against the chooks. Back in his rightful position he was state of origin there too.

Was Hunt picked to quieten the roar from Bennett and co re Hodges, Thurston and any other toad who wasn't picked?
You've missed the point. Hunt's selection is not about picking the best player available for Australia - it's about picking the best player available for NZ.

One way to beat NZ is to strengthen our side. The other way is to weaken theirs.
From a kiwi perspective I don't think the kiwis will be shaking in their boots at the prospect of fronting up to Hunt, when it could have been Bowen or Wesser. I think Hunt can expect plenty of traffic to come his way on friday.

Isn't it strange that there is a kiwi playing fullback for the aussies and an australian playing fullback for the kiwis?!?!?

Australians breed rugby league players like kiwis breed sheep!! Don't know why Aussie need a kiwi in their side!! :roll:
Rexx Hunt (couldnt resist) had already committed his allegiance to Australia well before Minichello was ruled out, so your point about selecting him to weaken the Kiwis is hardly valid. Had Minichello been fit Hunt would not have got a run.
Like your play on words clontaago, clever. <bg>

Taken up a job as ARL spokesperson?

Born in NZ, raised in NZ. He should be playing for NZ. From a career viewpoint, would a player do better playing State of Origin
and for Aust than for NZ? What's in Hunt's career interests? See a conflict here?

Yes, the ARL can take this mealy-mouthed approach to winning the series and kill of International Rugby League. Or they can apply some common sense.

Rexx Hunt (couldnt resist) had already committed his allegiance to Australia well before Minichello was ruled out, so your point about selecting him to weaken the Kiwis is hardly valid. Had Minichello been fit Hunt would not have got a run.
Rexx I agree totally that he should be playing for Kiwis, if anyone.

What I dont agree with is you saying that the selectors picked him to deprive the Kiwis of a player. As I said previously, had Minichello been fit Hunt wouldnt be in the Australian side.

Of course its in his best interests to play for Australia over the Kiwis, but thats his decision not the selectors.

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