Happy to see the end of this season...

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Dion Johnson

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I’m now going to support Raiders for the rest of the season. I think they are on a roll like 2020 and will be the smokey for finals.
Agree the Raiders look like they are coming good and can make the eight, Tapine would have been a good pick up when he was on the outer last season with Ricky for Manly.

I think the Chooks are the main danger to the Panthers.


Will we win anymore games? Why did the management insist on the rainbow jersey? Who cares about how woke it is, it’s broken the team and club for no benefit.

Why has no one been sacked?


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Yep we are done, but I'll still cheer em on for the next 4 weeks.

As for the rest of em....fine with the Panthers, Cowboys or Raiders.....maybe Cowboys....good narrative

I really really want any team except the Roosters to take that 8th position.

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Surely anybody but Schuster at this point

Foz has been one of our select few players that has tried his hardest in all (or at least most) of our games


Sea Eagle Lach
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Its hard not to feel concerned about next year. Take away Foran, Walker, Davey, and Taupau and I honestly can't see us improving.
Things can turn around swifty, just have to look at the Cows - 2nd last in 2021, 2nd in 2022.
Could have won it tonite but the Eels to their credit were top shelf.
Plenty of effort but cohesion of course was down given the mass changes and half the side having been missing for a week. We really needed the win to aid the healing process, the loss is another kick in the guts for morale and you won't win much with sagging morale.

But that needs to be turned around now, we can't go into next season with any left over bad vibes.
Mestrov and Des - get on it.


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What’s there to plan for 23 with these current crop of players can anyone explain it to me.
The plan is for DCE to run the whole team on his own as we clearly don't need the atttack skills of Walker and Foran , he gets a pay rise so we lose more players till we finally get that elusive wooden spoon.


Rarely does big posts worth reading....maybe
Des has reasonably good body-language control. Normally...

Tonight, he appeared at the presser alone. DCE wasn't going to front up - and after being sent out to the grinder last week to cover up for the cowardice of club management, why the hell should he. Not his best game sure, but he's had some crackers this season. This season has not been defined by what DCE has/has not done well.

Des had to face the music alone. Watch him saunter off the stage at the end. He said we have to win 4/4. He knows we won't. He needs to keep the faith - but those that 'kept the faith' last week were the real deal breakers there. Des has no power over that - it must be so frustrating for him.

We capitulated as a unit tonight. With so much to prove. That strength of character of last season (and 2019) largely is gone. With so much on the line, and so much to prove after last week, we lost out ultimately - in a big fade. Not the first one in recent games either: 6-22 in 2nd half - after the other recent fade-outs aganist Cowboys, Storm (and the earlier season loss against the Eels) ... these are our most recent games of consequence - games we were in positions to win, and either didn't - or in the case of the Storm almost squandered.

We failed as a club tonight - and to a greater extent this season - when the stage was set for redemption a lot of the time. The games we lost against the better-performing teams, we lost convincingly. The games we won against the struggling/inconsistent teams were encouraging.

Yet we sit 10th.

Tonight it was our ultimate adversary, at home, with returning players having their chance to prove if this was a bibilical "Prodigal's son statement", or otherwise. Acts of God with the bounce of the ball worked against us in the first half - telling considering the previous round was basically a homage to your own flavour of karma - yet we go into half time level. Maybe it is meant to be after all! That 2nd half though.... yeah. Nah mate. They didn't have Moses parting the Red Sea for them tonight.

Turbo has been missed no doubt, but the problem we have is in the front, with sustained effort, fitness, decision making at key times. Our best players tonight are players moving to other clubs next season (Walker/Foz).

We have some soul-searching to do
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Unfortunately it appears that the trend will continue, top 8 one season, bottom 8 the next. I think the last 8 seasons have gone this way.

The body language in that last 15 mins was terrible. There was no fight left. Nobody was blowing up in the huddle, its been a long and taxing season for several reasons.

Im not sure which game has dissapointed me the most. The rort against Parra earlier in the season, the Dragons loss three weeks ago, the Cowboys 4 tries in 7 mins ( probably this one) or Rainbowgate...

Anyway, now that pessimism is out of the way...GO MANLY, prove us wrong and win the remaining games to make the 8!


Yeah man it’s sad but I’ve been starting to feel like that for a while through this season
There’s no brotherhood or unity
No passion or resilience
Manly is better than that. These guys are not invested in winning
They don’t give a ****..so why should we..makes it hard to
Definitely no brotherhood. A rainbow stripe proved that. Who was the ringleader in the 7? Was it Shyster?


Well now I have emotionally clocked off.

I wasn’t all that into this game. I kind of expected them to win, but now they didn’t I don’t give a ****. In fact we finally get closure to stop wasting our time with many of the squad. It’s time for a change.

Time to move into the spring and start watching other sports. What’s the point of watching a hunch of men who have zero affinity for the Manly region and are just a bunch of Western Sydney punks as Snake said.



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We have him signed for the next 3 years ?
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