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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Cameron, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

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    Has anyone know one club to be hit by the one form of injury so many times in the one season.

    Look at our Hamstring Crew
    3) Trex

    Is it a coincedence?
    Is it something to do with conditioning?
    Or is it something to do with the condition of the grounds

    I can think of a few other players from rival clubs as well who have done hammys. (Soward and was it also the bulldog morris that hurt his as well recently.)

    It really seems like Hammys and Pecs are the injuries of choice so to speak.
  2. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,736 /120
    thats what switching from sand dunes to flat ground running does :)
  3. Phantar

    Phantar Well-Known Member

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    Too many night games?
  4. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

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    4 Hammys for the one club is outragous,Donny must have overbuilt them otherwise they wouldnt tear so easily
  5. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

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    Snake was coming back after a long layoff from injury. Same as wolfman. Hoppa a young kid in his first year in the big time and T-Rex did his after increasing his workload after playing in the forwards. Not really surprising when you actually think about it.

    If Lyon, Watmough and Glenny started doing them then I'd be worried. (although if Glenny does have back problems a hammy injury mightn't be too far away)! ;)
  6. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

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  7. Rambo1987

    Rambo1987 Well-Known Member

    +241 /2
    Hamstrings have always been a issue but Pec injurys are becoming a new issue due to the wrestling tactics clubs are doing.
  8. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

    +669 /35
    Listen hear you moronic little twat.
    Don't ****en twist my posts and try your inane sarcasm on me you fool.

    At no stage was I bagging Don Singe or anyone from the club, I was just put some thoughts out there for discussion.

    I'm not a doctor or an expert of human movement etc but as fan you notice things as post on here the trend this season across the game seem to be pecs and hammys.

    I remember a few seasons ago it was ACL injuries that were the most common. There surely is some reason for it. (And im not just talking about our club im talking across the whole sport).

    If you dont like my post shane seriously go and suck on an exhaust pipe and do the whole universe a favour you cretin
  9. Sheikheagle

    Sheikheagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +1,458 /64
    The bloke that gives me a deep tissue massage every month reckons that any hamstring problems relates to an imbalance in the back. I had constant hammy problems before I started going to him about 5 years ago. He is up at Woy Woy on the Central Coast his name is Paul Peachey a former lower grade player at Roosters & the Riff. He is also a sprint trainer and has fixed many a triathlete up here. As a testament to how good he is he is booked 6 months in advance.

    At the start of the year when Snakes problems first surfaced, Paul said he could fix him and he gave me a business card to pass on however I haven't got around to it.

    Given we now have a "hammy epidemic" I now think its time for action. So if anyone out there is in the know with the club could they pass on this message and get back to me
  10. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

    +669 /35
    apparently when i was in Thailand
    alot of blokes over there paid to get their hammy "pulled"

    Thats only hearsay I never saw anything like that
  11. tookey

    tookey Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +5,795 /186
    Any truth to the rumour that you came back from Thailand Cambo with a groin strain?
  12. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

    +480 /0
    Listen you fat pathetic merkin,i was actually agreeing with you

    Your rage and hatred is a pisspoor advertisement for this club,i hope the press isnt reading your tripe all the time but for once you had a good point and you spoilt it,just like every bed you've had by squashing it or blood-infested skidmarks,so why dont you do the world a favour and go die painfully,please do something worthy of a darwin award,we dont need your pathetic genes to live on,you are the perfect example of small man syndrome,its ok Cambo just because you havent seen it in the last 3 decades doesnt mean its not there
  13. Frank

    Frank Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +1,453 /27
    Can you feel the love
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    • mosto

      mosto I have a well known member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,262 /12
      It's always a bit tense on here after a loss :)
    • Jatz Crackers

      Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

      +1,475 /8
      These spats always remind me of this emoticon :popcorn:

      So one point to cambo for the moronic twat comment and one point to shane for the bleeding skidmarks comment.
    • Rex

      Rex Well-Known Member

      +2,376 /60
      Spats aside, 4 hammies plus one repeat in just over half a season season is an alert for investigation/rethinking/action.
    • ayjay007

      ayjay007 Well-Known Member

      +83 /0
      The other time teams seem to get a lot of injuries is during pre-game "warm up".There never used to be these huge warm ups before games.It was a rub down on the table,and some stretches and ball passing out the back of the grandstand.I don't claim to be an expert,but these full on training sessions (and that's all they are) seem to be counterproductive.I know there'll be the usual "the games harder,faster stronger" now,but,now we have 10 interchanges.In the "old" days,there were 2 RESERVES,who,from memory,had to have played in reserve grade.If the plasyers haven't got their tactics right by match night,15/20 mins "warm up" isn't going to make it any better.
    • Cameron

      Cameron Cambo

      +669 /35
      shane shane shane

      the only blood left on my hotel room beds belonged to your mother not me.

      The last time i saw it was about 6am this morning when i withdrew from her.

      She asked me to pass on the message for you to bring home milk and bread.

      Cheers Buddy have an amazing day.

      I she is :)
    • codewana

      codewana Active Member

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      I've heard better calls from a kindergarten school yard. C'mon boys, if you're going to have at it, do it clever :)

      Where's that popcorn emoticon? haha
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      • The Eagle

        The Eagle Well-Known Member

        +480 /0
        Wow your heroic dude,attack the dead

        Its unfortunate your mothers uterus made it to childbirth
        Does she still dress you? help you put ur bra on etc?

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