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It's been made obvious that Des plans to move Lyon to 5/8. There is also talk that there isn't much depth at 5/8 for the NSW origin side. On the off chance that he succeeds and wins the position, and Orford does the same for the halfback position, who do we choose in their absence?

Do we have Monaghan at 5/8 and Burns at halfback. Or we could have Menzies and Williamson have a crack at 5/8 with Monaghan or Burns at half. Burns and Monas would be the only logical choice out of these choices. Willo might be a chance to snare a position.

But we may have someone else,

Provided he maintains good form and develops immensly, surely Groom must be a chance at making his first grade debut this season.

While he probably won't take the position full time, it'd be a good introduction for him. He could get up to three games and there won't be too much pressure on him to really excel, allowing him to play his natural game.

If Des defies procedure and selects Groom than we could have a halves combo of Burns/Monas and Groom in the halves.

It's a long shot, but it's a possibility that we may see Groom in first grade this season.


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My only concern is Groom may not physically be ready for first grade, from memory he used to be out injured a bit in the juniors so imagine what effect first grade could have on him.

Jatz Crackers

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Couple of recent comments on this for you SE:

Fluffy said ...

he has a point on the lack of 5/8's though

and should lyon team up well with orford in that position - we will be more likely to lose orford in origin

I guess if we lost them both to origin we would end up with Burns at 6, Monas at 7 and Ballin/Dunley at 9.

Disco Mon Feb 26 2007, 10:11AM
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gee we have some nice depth at 6, 7 & 9

if Lyon and Orford are out, maybe

9.Mona' s

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Jatz Crackers Mon Feb 26 2007, 10:14AM
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Disco said ...

gee we have some nice depth at 6, 7 & 9

if Lyon and Orford are out, maybe

9.Mona' s


I like that better. Groom in the trial might indicate that its being planned for.


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i like the idea of him getting the occasional game but i dont feel his body will be up to speed for reettitve time in first grade yet

Jatz Crackers

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It's easy - Monas halfback, Burns 5/8. Dunley/Ballin hookers. Simple.

I dont want to see Monas moved again. Especially back in to the halves. He is settled and doing the job in the #9. And i cant stand the thought of Dunley back in the mix either. But IF Groom wasnt up to 1sts yet that lineup would have to be it.


if we lose both Ox and Wimma to Origen that would be a very good problem to have as it would probably mean we have won far more than we have lost! Bring it on!

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