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Grand final and finals series memories


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Aug 23, 2014
Watching all these grand final replays/finals series makes me want to get into the grand final even more!!! Grand final week is honestly the best week everrrr - especially when my household has some weird traditions we've done for it over the years! Feel so lucky to have seen the boys in four grand finals already, but I think it is time for a few more ;)

Mum and Dad have had this tradition to eat pasta at a specific restaurant the night before a grand final since our '96 premiership. Other ones include going to the GF in an extravagant mode of transport (my fave was the London Double Decker bus in 2011 with heaps of our footy friends!), and having a special grand final BBQ breakfast on game day!

In regard to memories of the actual games, of course 08 and 11 have to be front runners - even though primary recollection is a little faded being in primary school for both of those! The game that stands out the most other than this was the 2013 prelim final. Wow what a night - being in the Manly supporters bay everyone was hugging everyone, and it was just the best atmosphere.

Would love to hear other peoples memories of grand final week/grand final day, or anything else from our finals series over the years!! Let's hope we can be re-creating those memories, or should I say making new ones, in the very near future!!!
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Aug 4, 2010
Obviously 1972 was a big one but more for my new mates than me as I'd only arrived in the country in 1969 and didn't realize the significance of what I'd just seen. My favourite is definitely '08 and seeing Beaver going out on a high.


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Aug 29, 2005
Loved going back to the club after being at the 87 grand final, don't think I got home until midday the next day.

If not going to the game then would spend the day having a BBQ and drinks with friends but thanks to Channel 9 that tradition was killed off when they stopped the traditional 3pm kick off.
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Apr 15, 2016
Has to be 2008. Was at the ground for Beavers last game at Brookie, when he used his head to score the opening try. Made even better by the fact I was there with a Dragons supporter.

Then, obviously, the greatest GF win of all time against a team a million over the cap. Won't ever be beaten.


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Aug 28, 2011
My first even final was Manly v Canterbury, prelim final 1976. We won 15-12, had a big lead, let it slip and Bozo kicked a late field goal to get us ahead. The next weekend was premiership 3 against the whining worms who carried on the week leading up like it was a fait a complit!

The memorable 1978 series, starting with a loss to the sharks, then surviving a draw agains the whinging worms and beating them in a replay, beating the Magpies and the the Sharks again after a replay, No Manly team has ever won a premiership in such adversity.

Staying out the SCG in 1982 and 83 only to be humbled by the worms and in 87 seeing the team win the last Grand Final at the SCG. I was 21 and we went back to the club to greet the players that was a great day.

Watched the 95 grand final at Manly leagues when the team was robbed blind by Eddie Ward, shame cause that defeat was only the 3rd defeat of the season.

1996 had a BBQ at home and great to see the boys win the game and headed over to the club afterwards.

1997 forever and a day is the one that we should never have lost. My memory is with 7 minutes to go is Cliffy missing a field goal which would have sealed it for us and they scored from the next set to get level and then the inevitable last second loss happened.

2007 was a humbling experience losing to a Drizzle side packed with stars and to learn in later years that they rorted the cap substantially.

2008 for me was one of the great years and GF day was all about getting revenge for the previous year and after a tight first half we hammered them into submission and to see the Beaver score that try still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

2011 another great win against the Warriors and it was ours apart from 20 minutes in the 2nd half. Killer scored the final try and that was so great to see.

2013 A stinking hot day and a game where we were underdogs and for 50 minutes we were the better team, Shane Hayne ensured the Rorters stayed in the game and ignored a forward pass that got them ahead in the 2nd half, One that we were not allowed to win.

2017 and to see our young Holden cup team finish 8th and win four games to win the title and even sweeter to beat the whinging worms at the death in the decider.

So many wonderful experiences in my 45 years of supporting the club, winning a grand final is amazing for the fans and losing just sucks!

I believe that the club is not far away from reaching the summit again, after all its in our DNA!!!
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Sep 2, 2016
My biggest memory. After the Grand Final when Melb robbed us (before the 40 nil win), was trying to get into the club after the GF for the Grand Final players party with Max D. Security wouldn't let him into the club, so we all had to go underground where the beer kegs get delivered to the bars. We had to wait along with 12 other people for the club OHOS officer to instruct us on how to navigate the back stairs and climb over kegs to get to the after party. Took us 40 mins we got there, walked / staggered out of the club for the team nuddy run at 8am in the morning. Priceless. Will never forget the night and was even better than the year after.


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Mar 4, 2006
Bolting home from school to watch the 1978 GF replay against the sharks.

Throwing the remote control at the TV at the very end of the 97 GF. (Still irritates me that we only got the one title from that dominant 95-97 side)

Exploding out of my seat as Brent Kite scored under the posts to seal it in the 08 GF. Was delirious with delight that night. Don't think we could ever top that.


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May 6, 2015
Was at the 76 GF in THAT corner where Phil Lowe scored and Neville Glover dropped the ball. Although I didn't see him drop it. I could see the overlap they had and would have bet a years pocket money that he would have scored, so I turned away unable to watch. Special significance also as it was Bozo's last game for us.

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