Gordon Estate

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Mata - I see that the Gordon Estate has been shut down under the new police powers and that Dubbo police have called in additional police from other areas of NSW to assist.

Sounds like you new a new magistrate out there so that they can start putting these troublemakers away.

Mob attack on police
January 02, 2006

TWO detectives were injured and a police car and another vehicle were torched as a mob of 100 Aboriginal youths attacked police yesterday.

One of the officers suffered a suspected broken jaw, cuts and bruises when he was kicked and punched.

The attack ended when police in riot gear arrived on the scene.

The violence began in Dubbo, in the state's west, about 2am, when two detectives in an unmarked police car stopped a station wagon, which they suspected was stolen.

When the officers tried to arrest the 16-year-old behind the wheel, about 100 Aboriginal youths surrounded them before launching the attack.

The group torched the new police car and the stolen car, completely destroying both.

Police called for back-up and at least 10 more officers were sent in to help.

The injured officers were taken to Dubbo Base Hospital, where one was admitted and the other was treated for minor facial injuries, cuts and bruises and was released.

"They're lucky they're alive," a police spokeswoman said.

Four people, including the 16-year-old driving the car, were arrested and were helping police with inquiries.

In a separate incident in Dubbo, a 17-year-old boy broke his wrist after falling from the first-floor balcony of a house in Victoria St he, and two others, were allegedly breaking in to at 6am yesterday.

When police arrived, the teenager fell from the balcony and broke his left wrist, a police spokeswoman said. He was taken to Dubbo Base Hospital in a stable condition.

Another of the boys was charged with aggravated break and enter and appeared in court yesterday.

The violence comes after months of tension between a group of Aboriginal youths and Dubbo locals and police.

Locals say children as young as eight are drinking, doing drugs and causing trouble on the troubled Gordon Estate.

Many locals believe magistrates who give young, repeat offenders bail are contributing to the problem.

One Aboriginal elder said the troublemakers are becoming more confident they will not be punished.

"Ninety-eight per cent of the decent, law-abiding Aboriginal people in Dubbo can't stand (what is happening)," one local said.


Journey Man
Yeah, it's been as hot as hell up here which always makes things more volatile. The copes went in on Saturday night to arrest a kid that had stolen a car. Given what I've seen of their tactics in the past, let's just say I have my suspicions they were far from conciliatory in their approach to the residents.

Slamming someone's head into the bitumen is never a good look, especially on a hot New Year's Eve when people have been drinking all day.

So I gather 200 of the residents got fired up, a cop car was burned out and a couple of coppers bashed. A good examplke of why the adverserial approach doesn't seem to work for either side.

I drove past yesterday morning and the whole place was cordoned off and was crawling with cops. firies and SES.


It is interesting that the Dubbo cops appear to still be using pre-royal commission tactics whereas Sydney cops don't any more.

No doubt that some of the group were the kids that torched my brother-in-laws house to the ground.

From what i have heard today from people who went to manly on New Years Eve it sounded very much like gordon estate.

Apparantly the cops closed down the corso at 1.00 am and wouldn't let anyone into any of the pubs because of the huge numbers of brawls happening. They turned away some friends at 1.30 and told them to go home.

Taxis had their windows smashed and the cops had a helicopter hovering with its searchlight pointing out brawls for the cops on the ground to get to.

I also heard that Current Affir sent a camera crew out with several cop cars over a couple of weekends in December to see what was heppening in the Corso.

Apparantly the first night was quiet but the corso went off on the second night with lots of brawls and drunkedness.

No doubt Manly will be portayed as the wild west by current affair which will only provide more support for council trying to close the pubs at 2.00 pm.


Journey Man
I watched this brawl in the MAin Street in Dubbo a few years ago. A kid was trying to torch a bench on the sidewalk and a paddy wagon turns up with three cops.

They get out, smash the kid's face into the bench and cuff him to it - blood everywhere.

All the kid's mates empty from the adjoining pub and get stuck into the coppers and within 30 seconds 5 squad cars and 30 police appear from nowhere and there's a running brawl between the two groups for the next half hour.

I'm told it's worse in Bathurst and Orange.


Dubbo, Bathurst. Orange - country cops certainly don't muck around. By the looks of this recent article the cops in Wagga are the same.

The Lebanese gangs and Cronulla rioters are lucky they didn't start any trouble a couple of weekends ago when the country cops were in sydney.

Police may face bashing charges
December 22, 2005

TWO police officers are to be referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration of criminal prosecution over the bashing of a man in Wagga in 2003 that left him with severe injuries.

Terry Griffin, commissioner for the Police Integrity Commission, found in his report on the commission's Operation Whistle that several police had failed in their duty to gather and protect evidence to indicate that there had been a police bashing.

He also found in his report, released yesterday, that a knife "discovered" at the scene, which was used in the prosecution of the man, Allan Frederick Hathaway, had been planted by an unknown police officer.

He found Senior Constable Christopher John Jackson had seriously assaulted Mr Hathaway during his arrest on February 6, 2003.

According to evidence before the commission, police had initially wanted to question Mr Hathaway for driving an unregistered vehicle but Mr Hathaway fled and was chased across backyard fences.

According to Mr Griffin, Constable Jackson cornered Mr Hathaway in the bedroom of an unoccupied house and gave him a series of heavy blows with his baton, causing cuts, bruising and fractures to the face and body and a broken arm. Mr Hathaway later underwent surgery on his face.

In his evidence, Constable Jackson said the injuries must have been sustained when Mr Hathaway, who he found hiding under a bed, had pushed the bed at him and the bed fell back on Mr Hathaway.

Mr Griffin found that Detective Senior Constable Timothy Scott Briggs, the first officer on the scene, had taken no steps to preserve the scene, nor had Inspector Thomas Patrick Murphy, who arrived soon afterwards. Police present also did not make immediate and independent notes.

Mr Griffin recommended that Jackson be referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration of prosecution for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and on two counts of providing false and misleading evidence to the Police Integrity Commission.

He said Murphy should be referred to the DPP for consideration of prosecution for perverting the course of justice.
We went to Evans Head yesterday to vist some friends who were camping and they said it was a nightmare New Years eve with kids as young as 10 off their faces (especially girls) and fights between aboriginal and white youths the cops and mounted police got pelted with bottles etc and from what my mate told me parents were driving into town and dropping off their kids before heading off home or out to party in other nearby towns


First Grader
I'm told it's worse in Bathurst and Orange.

Dunno where you get that from Matas, Cant speak for Orange but we havent had a "brawl" in town for a long time.

There are sometimes problems when cops go to get people out of certain areas, but not what could be dexcribed as a pub emptying out and a brawl happening


Journey Man
Fro - you would know that Gordon Estate is relativly isolated from the rest of Dubbo and only a very small pocket. The majority of Dubbo's troubles are peculiar to this one spot - mainly because all the troublemakers have been dumped on the fringe of town where they're away from the rest.

There are two well-known pubs in town where the other problems occur. Outside of that Dubbo has little trouble.

It's fairly well known that the drug problems in Bathurst and Orange are significantly worse than in Dubbo and Orange downtown has a very bad reputation after 12am.


Journey Man
What the hell is this world coming to?

I'd like to mention that not much drama happens at Forestville RSL except a tussle between Old Dawn & Old Beatrice for The Pyramind Poker Machine....rumour has it Dawn won the right to play on the machine with a ruthless side step with her walking stck.

I can safely say I will never move to Bathurst, Orange or Dubbo. I remember driving to Orange to see my brother, his four kids, and his girlfriends five, all in the same housing commission house. They had no food in the fridge, so I bought them some groceries because I felt sorry for the kids. On the way home from the grocery store, I was hailed down by a young girl (about 14 or so) struggling up a hill with a pram (her child !!!). She asked if I could give her a lift - she would give me head as payment in her words. I thought it was a joke, and my brother knew her. Not so. My young nephews were in the car. I hope she enjoyed her WALK home.

These places are like the trailer parks in Jerry Springer.

But like Matabele says, it's probably isolated to certain pockets...


Journey Man
Ah yes Ryan, but for what you paid for your shoebox in Sydney you could get a six bedroom mansion on an estate with its own pool.

As I say, don't judge a town on account of a few streets.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Ah yes Ryan, but for what you paid for your shoebox in Sydney you could get a six bedroom mansion on an estate with its own pool.

maybe but you would still have to live in Dubbo!


Journey Man
Ah yes Ryan, but for what you paid for your shoebox in Sydney you could get a six bedroom mansion on an estate with its own pool.

As I say, don't judge a town on account of a few streets.

Only until it is burnt down...but then again...I agreed with you in regard to it only being in pockets..


Reserve Grader
You're right Mata, Orange is a hole! It's not safe to walk around after midnight because of all the little idiots who are preying on people leaving the pubs. There are some right little ****s here that could do with a good smack in the head! They think they are very tough in their groups! Fluffy's right too - it's a dumping ground. Not only from Sydney but from around Bourke etc as well. Cheaper for the government to house them here. Thankfully, not all that are relocated here are bad news, but the majority - yes!


I'd like to mention that not much drama happens at Forestville RSL except a tussle between Old Dawn & Old Beatrice for The Pyramind Poker Machine....rumour has it Dawn won the right to play on the machine with a ruthless side step with her walking stick.

The old Forey RSL - boy did I get smashed there many times in my younger days! Christmas eve used to go off with old school friends catching up over quite a few christmas cheers :drunk:
My folks are still members & go up quite regularly for the meat raffles and cheap drinks...


First Grader
Yeah Matas I do agree that there are isolated areas.

I thought by your main street story you were referring to the whole place, I still feel safe waliking home by myelf at 4am. Dont know that I would do that in the middle of Orange, and I dont know the dubbo nightlife well enough to judge.

But yeah there are certain areas which are "no go" zones after dark, especially alone.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I grew up in the country and would go back tomorrow if I could, having now lived in the City for just over half my life. I lived in Bathurst for three years and found it a great place.

If you are looking for trouble you can find it in both city and country. Never had too many problems in either place.


Reserve Grader
Yes CW, that is true. I have been in Orange for four years now, and have noticed a huge increase in crime and assaults since moving here, especially in the last couple of years. Sadly that's only the one's that the public get to hear about and doesn't include the cases that are 'swept under the carpet'.

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