Just reading an article in the Telegraph about Tim Sheens at the NRL coaching conference putting forward that games are decided by a try rather than a field goal.

I think it is a good idea as it takes the lottery out of games and rewards the best team not the team with the best field goal kicker

It may not happen as it needs to be ratified but it has merit and after extra time if neither team has scored a try you could allow the game to be decided by a field goal in extra extra time or when all is said and done what's wrong with a draw anyway.

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i dont see too much wrong with sides that are so evenly matched & deadlocked after a torrid 80 mins receiving dual reward. And the try instead of goal is a good idea.

But on to more important matters. Congratulations on your 1000th post U.P.

Dan, let the pigeons loose.
But on to more important matters. Congratulations on your 1000th post U.P.

Thanks old man

I was going to hold off until I had something really important to say but I didn't think I could wait that long.

Of course I have now had to add another line to my CV


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i think it should be Golden Try, but a field goal or Penalty goal, still counts

Then if at the end of extra time, if nobody has scored a try, the person with the highest points wins

Eg, Manly and Parra end the game at 20-20, they head into extra time with both teams looking for the try, but defense from both sides is strong, then Fui Fui commits a horrible high tackle on, say......Kite, Orford realises we may not score, and takes the two points. Extra time continues, with it still being golden try, but by the end the defense wins out, so Manly win the game 22-20

I think this is the way to go, as it will still punish dirty play (penalty kicks) and still provide excitement (golden try)
plus it brings tactics into it. Do you go for a field goal when you have an easy chance, hoping your defense will hold out, or do you look for the try and finsh it?


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could end up in an interesting situation disco

ie fui fui hits kite 3 times in a row gets sent on the third time, we are up 26 - 20. Manly on the attack and Dulney throws the ball behind Lyon right into the arms of growth who runs 90m to score, stewy chases and holds him wide out near the corner, parra miss the kick but win the game 24 - 26.


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We'll Fluffy, that could happen, but i doubt that Manly would kick for goal on the 2nd or 3rd offence. they would know that they are up by 2 and go for the try to finish it


The only time games should go to extra time are finals games. A draw in a fixture should be a draw.

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