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GF fans

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. jbb/james

    jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Over the past few seasons a line i have heard come from supporters and the club many times is about the fans, how many were at the GF and how the fans wouldnt join up as members. At times there has been more than a hint of synicism attached to these quotes. We had 80 thousand fans at the GF when we were winning, where the bloody hell are they now

    Well this years GF gives the club and insight and the opportunity to learn from there experiences. Firstly they play a team from another country . A country that has the world cup on, hardly any flights out of NZ but admittedly a large population in OZ

    Firstly i wonder what kind of crowd balance we get this time. While it was almost all manly last time i wonder what kind of fan ratio to expect. If there are more warrior fans there than manly fans, what message does this send to the club? Has the club moved forward or regressed. I acknowledge Larissa is doing a great job and she is improving the joint but there is lots more than she could ever do

    While i know the crowd ratio is not definative I would expect a massive manly influence

    And will Manly be able to turn these fans that apparently just jump on the winning bandwagon into members and income. They have had a few years to develop a stategy, how have they used those years and experiences

    Essentially winning a GF has a return to clubs, I am hoping after experiencing this recently they have done a little more than print GF T shirts and flog them a 25 bucks a pop. The GF experience at brookie is also a good initiative but its a one off

    Manly have done the job on the field, its time that they did the job off the field as well

    The leagues club should be chokkas every night this week with a video diary being screend of the days events with zorba hosting it. The team itsel should be off limits to win the game but much could be done. Membership drives at the club each night to coincide with this.Get the cheerleaders walking the beaches, Im sure they could get a few as well. A bus to take footy manly fans to the footy show to pump it up and fill the crowd should be a given, reinforcing manlys dominance and sending a clear message to both teams

    I for one just dont want to hear the discontent we have all heard for many years now. Its time. How many manly volunteers would have helped out getting memberships for a ticket to the GF etc
  2. Brookie4eva

    Brookie4eva Well-Known Member

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    In relation to the crowd ratio, in 07/08 we played Melbourne where the fans have to travel along way, and they have a smallish fan base coming from AFL heartland.

    However, there are many Kiwis living in Sydney and they will be out in force, alot of them will support other teams but being Kiwis will jump on board the Warriors.

    Therefore I don't think the club has moved backwards if the crowd ratio is worse than 07/08, it is just different circumstances.
  3. Sooty Fan

    Sooty Fan Member

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    The football club should be packaging up the live site with new membership this week. Sign up this week and throw in a ticket for the live site and maybe a scarf or flag! :)

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