Get over to the Parra forum boys


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The Man Of Steel has just made his first post!!!! :lol: :lol:


bloody moderators have to check every post before someone else can see it, i cant find any posts by man of steel!!!

The Wheel
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Has Milkazi made a visit over to the LU forum or are you still banned?
All the Parra fans hang out at league unlimited.

Yes i know the Parra Pathetics hang out there dont worry ive just joined up there. Ill give em plenty of stick no worries lol . :clap: :clap: and do you know why they hang their cause they call themselves a FAMILY LOL a family of 11 wooden spoons d##ks. :lol2: :blaugh:


love it , love it. the user Macross works with me. I have just baited him up so will see how it goes.


this is too much fun. we have secret posters on here evey now and then so it is just good fun to give it back. I hope the moderator lets them through. Could stir up a bit os ****,.


after spending 30seconds on there it goes to show how open and transparent this site is and you know you can get your point across without some Nazi checking and censoring posts. ST , dont ever change. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Simpson = Sea Eagle, it ****s me that they will be so strong next year!

Priceless-- im sure it ****s you.


MAte, help a brother out i can't see where any of you guys are typing??

What are the thread names and who am i looking for?


heres some fun.
Sign up and click on Wimmaway and go through all his post. Top stuff, though if you were to read all his posts a bit of Manly bias is coming out.


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Has Milkazi made a visit over to the LU forum or are you still banned?

Nah, I haven't been back since they stiffed me. I'll hang my hat on being their runner up for MOT season honours in F7s last year.

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