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Genuine Thoughts about Hasler 12 months on

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Genuine Thoughts about Hasler 12 months on

    Hey people I got a msg from Adam Lucius from sportal.com.au

    The Message
    Just trying to get a handle on what Manly fans think re:Des
  2. Central Coast Eagle

    Central Coast Eagle Active Member

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    I've moved on and wish him or his team no ill will.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,387 /402
    Being genuine gets people ostracized around these parts.

    That being said, my opinion is:-

    + Manly have lost the best coach alive today in the game;
    + Manly have lost arguably the best recruitment team in the game;
    + We have regressed on the field, in the playing ranks and behind the bench.
  4. DSM5

    DSM5 Well-Known Member

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    Did we ever finish higher than fourth the year after we won a GF?
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    Who cares. We are talking about this past season. No more, no less. Just because of a result four, eight, ten years ago, doesn't mean that should relate to this past season.

    Also has nothing to do with losing the best coach, recruitment & supplementary staff in the game.

    I reckon The Bulldogs will go pretty well next year as well.

    I also hate them more than The Storm, who I will be barracking for this Sunday while I down a thousand cold ones.
  6. the mauler

    the mauler Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Ripped the heart out of the club the way he departed. Left alot earlier than he or Greenturd will admit to,and his handling of player re-signings was very dubious to say the least.

    The players should've of been celebrating a premiership but he put a stop to that as well.

    Left Tooves high and dry taking nearly the whole coaching staff.

    Also tried to poach 3 star players ( this is verified by Donny Singe) and luckily was only successful getting Trex.

    Hard to forgive with a rap sheet like that.
  7. Brookie

    Brookie Well-Known Member

    +237 /4
    good luck des, but the way you carried on and how you left the place will never be forgotten my me...

    knowing that you had secretly signed elsewhere and then locking all our ageing forwards up with contracts leaving all the young up n coming talent free so you could try and ruin our mighty club, that was disgraceful!

    actually de$, you can go get ripped!
    dog act, so i guess you've gone to the right club!
  8. Napper

    Napper Well-Known Member

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    Des Hasler is hands down the best Rugby League coach on earth.

    He is also a very smug and dishonest human being who should know that noone was, is or ever will be bigger than the Manly Sea Eagles.
  9. IQofalimabean

    IQofalimabean Well-Known Member

    +283 /12
    I think Hasler is a very good coach got us to 3 grandfinals and won 2. What more can you ask from someone who coaches Manly. I think that with Haslers success it was only a matter of time before a club with a lot more money poached him. I did not expect half the staff to go as well, just goes to show how stinking rich the dogs are.
  10. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +7,250 /173
    I'm still bitter about the way he tries to rip apart the club he played for with passion, and coached with skill and commitment.
    I would have had no ill feelings if he had moved in a professional and businesslike way - for more money, greater challenges etc. But he was vindictive and his behaviour was unbecoming of a man we all thought had great scruples.
    He is a great coach, but not a great man.
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    • Earnie the Eagle

      Earnie the Eagle Well-Known Member

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      The way he left Manly will take more than 12 months to be forgotten, if ever.

      To be ever be forgiven...not in my lifetime.

      edit... and I hope he and Greenturd get shafted by the $torm on Sunday.
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      • NFN2IT

        NFN2IT Active Member

        +80 /3
        Honestly.... as a manly fan ill admit it, im still hurting over des leaving. I believe we let slip the best coach and leader the game has to offer and its dissapointing that some say the reason he left the club he called home as player and coach was because he was "unhappy". I guess its a little bit sour at the moment because of how well the bulldogs are going and the things he has been able to achieve in only one season.

        In saying that Tooves has done a outstanding job this season with everything that has happen and dramas behind the scenes, but i guess his real test as a coach will be in the next 3-4 years when this champion core group of players start to retire and he is left with the job of developing the next group of young manly players coming through to try remain as competitive & successful as we have been for the last 6 or so years, the one thing Hasler was soooo good at was getting the best out of and developing young playings into 1st grade footballers.

        In saying that i do believe signing cheza and foz to long term deals was a massive step in the right direction and i believe these 2 blokes if they stay with us we can build another champion team around so long as we can keep maintaining their development and coaching.
      • Phantar

        Phantar Well-Known Member

        +273 /0
        Winning eight grand finals in eight years as the coach.

        My response if Hasler were to frame the question to me would be: "I don't think of you."
      • TWO DOGS

        TWO DOGS Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +536 /2
        I will never forgive or forget Hasler's departuture from Manly. He is a conniving, greedy and selfish man who tried to bend us over on his way out. The club is a better place without him.
      • MANLY4LIFE

        MANLY4LIFE Well-Known Member

        +829 /13
        Best coach - yes
        Loyalty and ethics - he has none and I won't forgive him
        Moved on and over it - yes I have

        People say I should blame the manly board ,de$ is no saint either !
      • Chip and Chase

        Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

        +8,600 /80
        Meh, Dessie Schmessie. I don't get all that attached to coaches to be honest. The guy obviously knows what he is doing as his record speaks for itself, but do the ends justify the means ? Life goes on, from a Manly fan point of view I don't wish him any success, least of all at the Bulldogs.

        Toovey is where it is at as far as MWSE are concerned, so no point crying over spilt milk.
      • Mark from Brisbane

        Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

        +19,665 /383
        I think you meant "To be NEVER forgiven....not in my lifetime"

        If so I agree 110% with this.

        There might be some doubters out there about the "real reason" he left but from what I have gleaned it was "all about power for Des and money" and when he couldn't get either he set about a plan to destroy the club where his very portrait still hangs (and that is a "moot point" for me as well).

        And so this is why, in my lifetime De$ Ha$ler will NEVER be allowed back into my heart.

        I have said elsewhere I hope an Alien Spaceship comes down on Sunday and zaps both teams....but only as long as as the last zap is saved for that arsehole!!

        So sorry Adam........NOT over it!!
      • Earnie the Eagle

        Earnie the Eagle Well-Known Member

        +359 /16
        ...and this!
      • Hamster Huey

        Hamster Huey Space Invader Premium Member

        +1,178 /9
        I thinks it means a lot, Ryan. Most 'experts' had Manly gone before the season started, then started on the conjecture about Des moving on our playing group. More board room ruptures, runs of injuries and suspensions and some horror scheduling at various times of the year.

        You could be forgiven that the club sans Des was ready to give up without firing a shot on the 2012 season and people would be ready to accept that as the likely outcome.

        But it didn't happen.

        We had some inconsistancy a times but we also saw a rookie coaching group pull the on-field and support elements of the club together, enough to see us retain the key players we were supposed to have lost (because of Des, apparantly).

        Like a young talent in the game having a scratchy season after missing a good pre-season, we've now got the key players on and off the field more prepared and hungry for a better result next season.

        Des was never the be-all and end-all of the club, just as no one person has ever been for us. He leaves a legacy that can be built on, but he also developed those traits during his time at the club over two decades...it works both ways.

        The positive to take is that for every great that moves on in the game, there is a future champion waiting for his chance to show his worth.

        Now is Toovey's time.
      • Rambo1987

        Rambo1987 Well-Known Member

        +241 /2
        When he left he took staff.
        He is still trying to lure players there and got T-Rex.
        Dont like him or the Dogs.
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