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went to the game with high expectations only to leave disappointed.
why didnt des use the same gameplan as last year when we beat them in the first part of the was simple.put menzies at 5/8 and shut down jason smith.monaghan was outplayed by his opposite.
also,jason king has got to go!!no excuse.he is the worst front rower in the game.he takes the ball up and every time is stopped dead in his tracks or driven back a few metres.he never gets over the advantage line.i am sick of him.
monaghan as hooker or on the bench
burns or witt at 5/8
take the captaincy away from kennedy as i thought it affected his game.give to orford who can steer and direct the team around the park.
positives if any:steve bell and i thought kite had a good game.
bryant and leulei were good

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Great call Sharx - I think you are right with most things but the captaincy. Give BK some time.

Our right centre defence was pretty poor and we didn't read their smart dummy half play or the second man play - Bell was partly to blame there. Matai was ordinary as well in defence and doesn't offer much in attack. Hicks and Stepho???? No opportunities!


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Mattai was a heap better in defence than he has been. I must have missed all but one of the **** tackles.


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I remember seeing Hicks getting one or two nice balls from Bell, but that was it. Stephenson only touched it with runs from dummy half. Late in the 2nd half, we out-numbered them 4 to 2 on the left hand side and Stepho was screaming for the ball, but Dunners didn't even bother getting it out to him, and instead went right. Put some faith in our wingers! Or maybe they didn't bother cause they knew Orford would miss from out there anyway :p


King was Ok i thought.
Made 11 hitups for 90 metres, although he should be aiming for a minimum of 100+.
Des obviuosly has favourite players - Williamson, Matai and Dunley, so i dont think we will be seeing Ballin/Cuthbo/Rose in 1sts anytime soon.

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Our backline is too flat for the ball to get out. Campare the depth of their backs and the runners got the ball at pace. Our guys catch and then try to accelerate. How many clean breaks did we make all night.

Good sides let the ball do the work!


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All the positives and negatives that people have quoted tonight, aint gong to hide the fact we lost at home to a team tipped to run motherless.

I haven't got the answers, I hope the coaching staff have, even the fat prick that was commenting at some other game tonight. This was 2 certain points lost and if we play with that crap attitude that we played with tonight, its going to be a long season.


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Even if the selectors dont believe that Michael Witt's general play isnt good enough for first grade,his goal kicking alone should insure him a spot.Obviously Orford isnt the answer,and the other 2 options,Williamson and Hicks,arent upto first grade standard.If it keeps going the way it is,goalkicking could cost us a few games this season.


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witt at 5/8 would have made the score 39 - 18 as monas cleaned up a lot in defence - witt would leak more than he gains. also he cant kick from the right hand side - bells side

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