Gallen replaced by M Minichello

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SHARKS back rower Paul Gallen was today ruled out of the New South Wales City side to play New South Wales Country at Coffs Harbour on Thursday.

He has been replaced by Gold Coast's Mark Minichiello, 25, who will make his representative debut.

It will also be the first time Mark has played alongside his older brother, fullback Anthony, since leaving the Sydney Roosters in 2002.

Gallen sustained ankle injuries in the Sharks' 20-16 NRL loss to Newcastle last night.

He also missed the the start of the season with an ankle injury, and was steadily re-staking his claim to retain a Blues State of Origin jersey.

Gallen's teammates, Ben Pomeroy, Lance Thompson and Reece Williams, will join the City squad today


Mark Minichiello WTF surely they could've come up with better than that- at the end of the day it's just a possibles v probables so why not throw Glen Stewart in there.
It hardly seems fair that Minichiello gets to press his case for further rep selection (which he doesn't deserve) and Stewart doesn't.
I'm sure there are plenty of other back rowers that deserve to be there before M Minichiello


Minichiello has been playing well , but I agree that ther are a few better options- especially G.Stewart.


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Yeah i wouldnt mind that concept at all Pete. Does anyone seriously have an allegiance to City or Country.


I couldn't care less anymore - it used to mean a bit but now I don't even watch the game half the time (I will this year becasue it is on a Thursday)


It doesn't mean much to people in the country not sure about city dwellers but I'm guessing there is even less a care factor
What annoys me is why someone like Lance Thompson gets picked. He is about 15th back-rower in line to get an Origin call-up, he is about 30 years old and has played City-Country before.

Turn it into a proper Origin trial/preview and pick players that with a good game can be called up for Origin.


it has turned into a nothing game but a large reason behind having it is for the benefit of the CRL who manage the team and use the week as a piss up/ my opinion they should maybe concentrate a bit harder on looking after the game at ground roots instead of funding a week for the overpaid CRL officials.
Country people don't care about City v Country anymore becasue it means nothing and counts for jack ****e.


I'm not sure who that sarcastic remark was directed at but at no point in this thread did anyone mention anything about stewy2 not being a country player so you should read a bit more carefully next time...


Winging it
It used to count as a serious trial for about 5 or 6 positions not already clear cut for the Blues. Now it is a joke because even if a player shines they invariably don't get picked. I guess it gives some fringe players their first taste of rep honours. My feeling is it should be a serious lead-in to SOO or they should scrap it.


Journey Man
Pj - you might want to read a bit more carefully

"Mark Minichiello WTF surely they could've come up with better than that- at the end of the day it's just a possibles v probables so why not throw Glen Stewart in there."

Either you didnt realise or you trying to tell me that they can replace a City player (minnechello) with a country player (stewart)


No what I was saying is that it shouldn't matter whether you are country or city- it is just a selection trial and should be treated as such. It is a bull****e game and with some players eligible for both the city and country- I think if you have a look over previous teams you will find some players who have played both city and country and that selectors aren't too worried about eligibity (because the game means nothing).
Fluffy- do you just surf these forums looking for things you can pick people up on because you do it alot and nine times out of ten come out looking stupid!


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I understood what he meant Fluffy, you arse clown. Hence my post, "Yep I wouldnt mind that concept at all Pete". Meaning i would support a possibles V probables game rather than city vs country.

Rather than trying to pick at perceived innacuracies in peoples posts, use your ****ing brain for a change. :roll:


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No just ****wit day, thats why you are here. And as stated to others previously, I am more than prepared to move beyond the keyboard if thats the road you want to head down smartarse.


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keyboard hero day is it?

Stop being a douche bag.

You were wrong.

BTTT. Perhaps they should pick the form player and then have some sort of lottery to see who will play on what team. Like and NSW Red vs Green or something.

It would save 4 or 5 blokes being picked in the city team because they are short but a better player can't play in country because they have no injury.

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