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UFO Hunter
Well, the first loss of the season. It was always coming but you just getting the feeling had a few blokes tried harder we would have seen a different result.

Full marks go to Anthony Watmough tonight. Just have a look as some of these stats here: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Meters Made: 209 meters
Hitups: 19
Linebreaks: 1
Tackles: 24

There was quite a bit to read into the game. Heres what I think of a few matters:


- It was 5 tries a piece

- Once again Watmough played himself into the Origin tonight.

- Kite, King and Stewy 2 all stood tall

- Defence was still very good. Cowboys just on fire at times.

- Halden actually looked pretty good tonight and got a try.


- 3 blokes did not turn up tonight: Bryant, Rose and Hall Between the 3 of them they got just 16 runs for 138 meters. :|

- I thought he'd turned a corner last week but Bell was back to his in field running best tonight. RUN STRAIGHT FOR A CHANGE!!!! We have them on the back foot and you run sideways! FARK!

- Jamie Lyon just is not living up to his price tag yet. He's had 7 games to get settled. How much longer can you use the 'new club' excuse before you start doing something to justify $500,000???

- Monaghan, don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. I hope I don't need to point out that we lost our first game right after he announced he was leaving ;) JK

- On a serious not he really did get in Orford's way tonight. We couldn't get a role on. When Orford decided to make a play, monaghan would decide he had a better one and **** the whole thing. I was one of those who thought Burns might need to step it up a bit but after tonight I can't wait for him to return in 2 weeks time.

- The obstruction rule... well, fair dinkum. It is now ok to run at a defender and deliberately cause a collision. You can then take a dive because you will be guaranteed to get the ball for an obstruction penalty. Jason Smith, you are a ****ing moron.


First Grader
I agree with everything except the Bell comment, every time he run back infield nothing was on out wide.

That obstruction rule is a farking joke. Next week Manly run at every person looking like they might get the ball and fall over and the penalty is ours.


Journey Man
Monaghan set up two tries tonight too though. His kicking in the first half was awful but one got the feeling he stepped up in the second half because the captain was running in concentirc circles (and would have surely played himself out of the sky blue 7 jumper given how he looked against the man who will wear the maroon one).


UFO Hunter
He did have a quiet game, but I'm still positive it would have been better if he didn't have a 5/8th that kept changing his plays.

Try assists were also 2 - 1 in favor of Orford.


yeah monaghs is a hooker or half, he is not a 5/8 too slow and doesnt have the running option. Defence knows he will always pass it where travis has the dummy and cits back at pace. we missed travis tonight both in attack and defence.


Journey Man
I agree with JK on the half or hooker comment, when he set up the tries he took complete control.

Des has the ability to solve this - play monas on the left, orford on the right and if need be switch.


First Grader
Watmough had a shocker imo, made many crucial errors that put the Cowgirls into the game, especially in the first half.


We got a reality check from one of the better sides in the comp.

The Cowboys came in with an excellent game plan. They didn't try to go through our compressed sliding defence, they went around it. With Thurston & Bowen they had the players to do it.

Not too many turnovers from the Cowboys in the first 50 minutes and their defence pressured us all night. At times we looked a bit rattled and lost our composure in attack. Instead of building pressure and looking for repeat sets we went for 'miracle' plays. Two tries after Thurston went to the bin flattered us.

Highlighted a few things for us, our three bench forwards are barely adequate. This should be our recruitment priority.


Winging it
Take out Matty Bowen and we could have won that game. I know every team has a game breaker, but he was just exceptional. Made the middle his own domain running through clutching fingers. Sensational effort and what depth Qld has at the back.

We failed to build pressure and tackle 5 and 6 seemed to lack purpose. All up they were more enthusiastic and deserved the win.
Why are decoy runners basically being taken out of the game? It's going to be way too one-dimensional without them. Obstruction should be only if you run behind one of your own players. hence impeding an opposition player from tackling you.


Journey Man
Why are decoy runners basically being taken out of the game? It's going to be way too one-dimensional without them. Obstruction should be only if you run behind one of your own players. hence impeding an opposition player from tackling you.

I'd imagine they're trying to eliminate the blow-out scores of recent years to allow defense to dominate for a while and make the competition appear more even. But after the Warriors/Rabbits debacle yesterday something is going to have to be done.


Journey Man
the rule is a joke as its only enforced if you score.

There are plenty of obstructions let go worse than bells that dont lead to tries but better field position.

The cowboys ran players into our defencive line on many occasions making contact with players thus slowing our slide. Although it didnt effect the actual player making the tackle directly it impeded our teams defecive pattern. Is this also obstruction?

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