Fui Fui Gone Gone


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Fui Fui Moi Moi early plea....6 weeks
Hutch Maiva early plea....1 week
Carl Webb early plea....4 weeks
Ben Creagh..no suspension for tripping, 56 points.

The Wheel

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What about Cross??

Well Parra are two forwards down with maybe Vella gone as well.

Isn't Tahu due for an injury?

DVS Matt

excellent news for us.

he's one player that does give us plenty of trouble. I wish widders was on that list also!

on another note, sharks are going to be pushing sh!t uphill if they don't have both Maiva and Stevens.
great news for us but they have got to be kidding with 6 weeks.barnes was falling over.he gets 6 and webb 4.that is bull****.i heard about 6 commentators talk about his taclke on the weekend and each and every one said he would be ok.

still ,who cares about the moi monster.


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I picked that up off LU. I presume it comes from one of the radio news services.

Astounded that Cross is not on that list. But then I keep forgetting it was a Manly player that he blatantly kneed in the head!


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Ben Cross, Raiders
Charged with grade three dropping knees on Manly Sea Eagles' Terry Hill.
*Will face a four match ban with an early guilty plea.

Got that off MSE.


Ben Cross - 4 weeks you cheap shot loser. Kneeing while someone is on the ground. How to impress your new club melbourne. he now has a track record and any more crap from him next year will see more long term suspensions.

He should have been sighted for the forearm on Steppa as well.

Fui Fui - ha ha.

A damaging runner but now has a damaged reputation. Should now go to the ESL before he gets rubbed out in australia by more suspensions.


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the full wrap up

Players Club Charge Grade
Ben Creagh Dragons Tripping 1
Carl Webb Cowboys Striking 4
Hutch Maiava Sharks Striking 2
Ben Cross Raiders Dropping Knees 3
Fuifui Moimoi Eels Reckless High Tackle 2

• Judiciary Report: Round 26
5 September 2005

Judiciary charges
Five players were charged in round 26.

Charges are as follows:

Fuifui Moimoi, Eels
Charged with a grade two reckless high tackle on Brisbane Broncos' Berrick Barnes.
*Will face a six match suspension with an early guilty plea.

Ben Cross, Raiders
Charged with grade three dropping knees on Manly Sea Eagles' Terry Hill.
*Will face a four match ban with an early guilty plea.

Hutch Maiava, Sharks
Charged with grade two striking on South Sydney Rabbitohs' Luke Stuart.
*Will face a one game suspension with an early guilty plea.

Carl Webb, Cowboys
Charged with grade four striking on Melbourne Storm's Ryan Hoffman.
*Will face a four match ban with an early guilty plea.

Ben Creagh, Dragons
Charged with grade one tripping on Newcastle Knights' George Carmont.
*Will escape a suspension with an early guilty plea.



Winging it
Add Michael Crocker to the Storm line up next year and they will be lucky to field a pack. Those types of purchases are a club administrator's gateway to misery.


yeah, havnt melbourne done well .They lose Orford to us and then half their pack for the start of next season. I have a better feeling about this weekend then i did against the Raiders. Nothing to lose and all to gain.


I think Cross was lucky not to be sent off. I think the ref didnt want to decide if it was deliberate or not. 4 week suspencion and kneeing someone in the head = deserves to be sent off.

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