From Rugby League Week !!


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The following snippets are from "The Mole". He may have as much credibility as Danny Weidler , but I'll still share them with you.

" The Bulldogs , clearly struggling for outside backs , are poised to sign Manly winger Paul Stephenson. Scorer of two tries against the Knights last Sunday , Stephenson has been told by the Eagles he is free to leave Brookvale & find a new home"

" Souths CEO Shane Richardson received an interesting phone call last week from much-maligned Manly halfback Michael Monaghan. The Eagles star wanted to know just who made the phone call offering him to the Rabbitohs. Manly claim Souths had approached them but Richardson is adamant it wasn't his dime. That confirmed Monaghans worst fears that his club is still trying to offload him"

"Another unwanted Eagle - Michael Witt converted his own try to get Manly's Premier League side home against Newcastle last Sunday. Eagles fans who think the 21 y/o proved a point to coach Des Hasler are's Witt's defence or lack of it that has seen him on the outer with those in charge"

" Souths are in the hunt to re-sign Chris Walker - despite the fact he left the club high & dry in 2003. The man behind the move is Russell Crowe who apparantly is happy to bankroll the bid"

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The 2nd one is interesting - it is interesting that the clubs media proudly proclaims Monas loyality to Manly but on the other hand the club MAYBE (if report is correct) displaying little to him


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We've been down this raod before, loyalty lane that is.

When the club first tendered a contract to Monaghan, how much loyalty did he show us then?

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Well why come out and trumpet his loyality now in media releases and on the club's website??

Seems strange to me thats all

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I don't want to go the loyality road my highway is the club's media officer starting the spruike the 'loyality' card to everyone who wants to listen. My question is WHY??? when veryting that has occured on both sides is considered.


I thought it was Witts attack that was the problem- now his defence is being questioned what's left to draw on- goalkicking? (aka Eion Cossion the albino NZ winger from Souths)


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Byso, you don't want to sound like a spoilt brat !! :yeah: :evil: :evil: :yeah:

I'm kidding champ :stupid:


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Matabele - the Siamese cat


Matabele "I scratch your eyes out!"


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Byso, the fact that you had such easy access to that picture definately worries me !!!



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Yeah --- Right.
More like hidden in shoe, or back pocket for those quiet times alone !!! LoL


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That was an absolutely pathetic attempt at a come back Byso. I would like to give you another opportunity to edit it, and re-submit. Next time with a sliver of humour. You should only be adding emoticons when they are applicable. Yours should have been flogging a dead horse.

Gee Wizz.

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