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Foran has no answer on injury

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by manlyfan76, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. manlyfan76

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    This comes from 1 Eyed Eel forum Via SMH.COM
    it well and truely warmed my heart to read it:

    "KIERAN Foran has no idea why his hamstring keeps tearing — or if he will ever shake the injury curse that has followed him since his NRL rookie season.

    Signed to Parramatta a $4.8 million deal, Foran was sidelined from Thursday’s season opener after once again twinging his hammy in a training run.

    And while the new No. 7 is tipped to play North Queensland next Saturday, he remains clueless when it comes to the injury curse now stretching seven long years.

    One theory is that a 2009 back injury is to blame

    Yet after an outstanding pre-season, both Foran and Eels medical staff were convinced a host of positive test numbers meant the hoodoo had been lifted.

    “So I honestly don’t know what the go is,” the New Zealand international said.

    “All I know is I’ve been having hamstring tears since 2009.

    “That’s why during the pre-season here, it was something we put a massive emphasis.

    When I got here, I sat down with the medical team and physios to make sure we got on top of this hamstring problem.

    Kieran Foran looks on from the sideline after missing the opening round with injury. pic Mark Evans
    “And, honestly, they have done such a good job. Worked tirelessly.

    “I’ve worked really hard and that’s why it was such a surprise — and so disappointing — to get that slight injury last Sunday. We were really confident I wasn’t going to have any dramas at all.”

    Quizzed on the cause of hamstring dramas, which included last year’s Anzac Test, the new Eels halfback continued: “In 2009, I slipped a disc in my back.

    “Got a bulging disc at L5. I did that with Manly, my first year of first grade, and ever since then I’ve torn hammies.

    “But over the years we’ve looked at whether it’s the back, wether the glutes are firing, wether I have one hamstring weaker than the other ... this has just been (another) minor hiccup at a really bad time.”

    Despite the scare, Foran expects to finally make his Eels debut against the Cowboys.

    But as for now being resigned to suffer hamstring problems forever?

    “Well, that’s the thing, I honestly thought I could wipe them,’’ Foran

    shrugged. “I know I’ve had them each year for the past six or seven.

    “But they are so much stronger in terms of my testing because (Parramatta) have been monitoring all my results.

    “I’m so much stronger in areas I wasn’t before. So I don’t think it is going to be an ongoing issue ... but I have said that every year and I’ve torn one every year.”

    Elsewhere, Eels No. 6 Corey Norman underwent scans late Friday to determine the extent of a neck injury suffered in the round one loss to Brisbane.

    Eels Corey Norman goes down injured with a neck injury. Pic Jenny Evans
    Norman, who was speared awkwardly into the ground, failed to return from the sheds after halftime and was taken to hospital for precautionary scans. With both halves sidelined, the Eels subsequently struggled to threaten the Broncos defensive line.

    “I thought we tried hard,’’ Foran said. “Losing Normie put us under the pump, we lost a fair bit of attack once he went out of the game.

    “But it’s only round one. What did Cowboys lose last year, their first three? So it’s certainly not all doom and gloom. We pick ourselves up and get right for round two.”"
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  2. tookey

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    It was in today's SMH

    Since 2009 would now call that chronic. It would also help if Brad stopped telling Forame to wear his ankles as earings

    One reason I heard that he took the biggest offer because he knows that his days in the NRL are limited because of injury

    Parra good for topping up players superannuation funds without having to play.
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    • MadMarcus

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      Don't worry about it Foz. Just keep picking up your cheques each week like Choc does.
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