Fax Blunder

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You may be well aware of the main story on the back of the Telegraph today, continued inside on a Fax Blunder by Manly.

Someone accidentally faxed a motivational message from Des to the players to a local business, who then leaked it to the Telegraph, who printed it.

The paper incorrectly states that it is a match plan, which is bollocks.

It is no great stuff up, though I wonder which club employee was behind this one!

It makes interesting reading and I will print it below:

Manly's blunder


April 28, 2005

MANLY coach Des Hasler's secret plan to motivate his players for tomorrow night's blockbuster against Brisbane was inadvertently sent to a Sydney business last night.

The motivational pep talk, in Hasler's own hand writing, was faxed to a wrong number and then leaked to The Daily Telegraph.

On the eve of the Sea Eagles' most crucial club game in years, Hasler's pre-match address to his players contained inspiring lines like: "Losing is unacceptable and I am counting on you.

"Confidence is contagious. We will not be intimidated!" It is simply signed: "Des."

An associate of Hasler's was supposed to send the confidential pep talk to the players but dialled the wrong fax number.

Aware The Daily Telegraph had obtained the letter, Hasler said: "I'm disappointed it has come into your hands. But those are my thoughts. Players have to be in the right frame of mind to win matches."

To see the letter in full, read today's Daily Telegraph

If I could scan the article I would include it in full - it makes very interesting reading!
Further report:

Manly's game plan leaked
By Dean Ritchie
April 28, 2005

MANLY players will be told that losing is "unacceptable" when they confront the mighty Broncos in tomorrow night's match at Suncorp Stadium.

Wrong number ... Hasler. Pic: Phil Hillyard
Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler's leaked motivational talk to players - obtained by The Daily Telegraph - talks of confidence, belief, honesty and a vow not to be intimidated by playing in Brisbane.

It is a fascinating insight into a coach's thoughts before a crucial match.

Hasler writes: "Success is paying the price. You've got to pay the price to stay on top and you've got to pay the price tonight to take this football team to a new level and send a clear message to the NRL that we mean business."

In capital letters, Hasler writes: "LOSING IS UNACCEPTABLE AND I AM COUNTING ON YOU."

Manly football manager Peter Peters said the letter shows Hasler's passion and desire to win the big games.

"It is part of our professional preparation and shows Des is meticulous in our preparation," Peters said last night.

"It shows we will not be overawed in this match. It is probably Manly's biggest match in 10 years.

"We didn't want Des's thoughts out there but that's life - we just want to get on with the game.

"It's not the end of the world."

Hasler said last night: "It is an important game. The players have to be in the right frame of mind.

"If you don't turn in the right frame of mind, you won't win."

After seven rounds last year, Manly was outright last on the NRL competition table.

The club was in turmoil, having won just one game.

But 12 months on, the Sea Eagles sit alone on top of the premiership.

The Sea Eagles have lost just one game this season and last weekend belted Souths at Brookvale Oval.

Manly centre Terry Hill said Hasler spoke to the players last night in preparation for the match.

"Des talks like that all the time," Hill said.

"This is a big game and we will be throwing everything at them [Brisbane]. We are going there to win.

"Des is very professional and the place is happy again.

"He is not just a motivator but also comes up with great game plans.

"Des is putting in the time and getting the results. He is very up-to-date on everything."

Aware they are still earning credibility, Hasler knows the match against Brisbane shapes as the biggest of this season.

He writes: "Testing ourselves against the best will help us find out just how good we really are playing a red-hot football team away from Brookvale Oval.

It is not known whether Hasler will continue to fax his thoughts to his associates.

A crowd of about 30,000 is expected at Suncorp Stadium tomorrow night.

Manly will welcome back veterans Terry Hill and Ben Kennedy.

The Daily Telegraph
Nothing to worry about here. I have been waiting for the day we hear this come out of our club. The passion is back and im all smiles! Go and get em boys.
theres also a good report on it on http://www.SportsNews.com.au
That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard it this morning pepsi.

I bet des has just uped the hype and pressure on the broncos with that one.
Who really cares if it was leaked or otherwise - the only thing publishing it will do is give it more weight
Nothing special IMO.

The "letter" simply states the obvious, what we and all league supporters would assume to be Des' instructions for tomorrow night.
It was all planned - beaver was on 10 sports news saying that the players were forwarned about high media attention with a huge grin

Go Des
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