Favourite Rugby League Commentator/ Media Ever ?


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Long, long ago when I was just a little bloke, this loud footy crazed fella was screaming down the house and definitely lit up the screen come footy time, for both fans or those who couldn't stand him.
His name was "Moose Mossop" and he was not only bias towards Manly (who he represented in league and union), he gave players a serve who didn't put in....and didn't hold back.
Today in this precious society, he would be thrown to the wolves as being "insulting" - "A Bully" ect but I loved his passion and not always agreed with what he was saying, but I still respect ppl speaking from the heart and not being sheep regardless and had an enthusiasm many others lack today.
Also every Sunday arvo I would be home as a kid and wait to hear if the Manly game was being covered on any station and recall 1 particular game Manly vs Newtown and Manly down 10 - 3 (80's game) with 2 mins on the clock.....Manly make a break and the ball went to winger Stuart Davis....old Frank Hyde was going berserk to the point he lost is voice but his gasping sounds were enough to show it was a Manly try in the corner !!
Eadie missed the kick but happy with the 10 all draw and perhaps the most emotional commentary i have ever heard, always remember this moment.
So I ask Silvertails, who was our favourite commentator and also most memorable commentary moment ??


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Even though I dislike the guy in every other aspect I quite liked Ray Hadley radio game commentary only in the early years with Gibbsy. No doubt Rabbits was the best. Frank Hyde was great but in the later years he got confused a lot. Hartley and Peters just screamed. Col Pierce was the most unbiased of them all.


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warren boland, john peard with artie.
roy and HG had moments but were too big a distraction to the footy
loved RLW when ian heads was the man
vossy was ok for a bit but became an egomaniac
like brandy now
ikin was good on 360. anasta ok

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Old school , Rex

Before he became a wanker , Hadley

Currently , Warren Smith is the best
Speaking of Old school, while not a commentator as such but was on the continuous call team, back when Bozo was doing it...the Big Marn..?. See him in the Lowes adds, but that's about it.


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REX Mossip
RAY Warren
RAY Hadley

(tomorrow I will do the S's)

Worst buffoon .. Voss.


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Sexy Rexy Best caller followed by the colourful Vossy for mine

Rex on his beloved Manly Members stand
League legend Rex Mossop in hospital

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This isn't Manly, which goes to prove what a great exciting commentator Rex was when it was a big game. Seriously, just watch and LISTEN to this 1976 game highlights for 3 minutes. If only rugby league in 2023 was like this.


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