Fainu Bros sign with Tigers.


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Yeah not denying that, of course hell be a fill in when injuries and Origin occur.

I was simply responding to a post suggesting Laurie was somehow a far superior player to Luke Brooks.

Now I'm no huge advocate of Brooks but I disagree and the fact that Laurie is picking up a deal where he us unlikely to make the 17 would tend to back my side of the discussion
Yeah, I'd have Brooks over Laurie every day of the week.


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Honestly guys , all that’s been said has been said , some have differing opinions but rehashing the same stuff ver and over isn’t going to change any opinions.

How about we just move on , personal attacks are not what we are about.

Peace to all , #GoManly
I agree Mark, but I certainly didn't throw out any personal attacks. Go Manly all right! I'm really looking forward to seeing how we go against the Sharks on Sunday for a number of reasons. I have a feeling our middles are going to be much improved with better impact off the bench. If that transpires, Schuster might end up having a strong game.

Fingers crossed.


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There’s no way the two Fainu’s are worth $4mill over 4 years, however, it’s likely to be heavily backloaded and the Tigers are hoping in 2 or 3 years they’ll get value.

Both were in our Top 30, so that opens up a space for Lodge and maybe a good backline replacement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tommy is announced as joining us immediately, or a surprising fullback.

Unfortunately, any surprise purchases I fear are too late, unless RTS suddenly appears.

I’m sure there’s a strategy we are completely unaware of.
Probably still of the hope we play finals and pinch a player from a team that bows out in the regular season. Buckley's chance of that happening


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This is absolutely what Tartak & Fulton have done.

Every single one of the 10 players he had here were spruiked as absolute guns.

What happened:

Suli wasn’t but they fooled the Bulldogs into signing him on a huge contract.

The 4 who have left are either incarcerated or have yet to play FG at Saints (16th) & Tigers (17th).

The 2 latest departures have played 0 & 5 NRL games each.

The ones we’ve kept have had their issues (Saab, Schuster & Olakau’atu) re: consistency.

Tartak & Fulton are doing exactly as you described in hyping shares up to create demand for them.

An absolute swindle.

The mind boggles doesn't it @47MVEagle In a purely fictional word it's pretty easy to imagine how reciprocal blind trusts would benefit the main characters in the story. However, we will never know exactly how that story ends without decisive NRL investigation and action. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Terry Zarsoff

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Bozo's plan dies with this deal.
And Bozo’s ‘Family Folder’, held online at the Fountain & Ballpoint Penn CoM,* is now almost empty.

Or has Brett also left the building? He would be worth hanging onto - he strikes me as a smart coach - along with retaining young Zac. I get the impression though that Brett will also leave.

*Centre of Mediocrity
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Shambles of a clown club.
Grossly overpaying mediocre’s like DCE…..and selling off many young talent. Both of which is a way to damage your club, for which president, CEO….. should be fired immediately.
Manly also just hired a joke of a coach.
What are the fans waiting for ? Turbo to be healthy again 🤣.


The Devil's in the details mate. Your poor grammar and lazy sentence structure isn't the issue. After all, this is just a public forum and we can all be guilty of that. (Some more than others.) The sloppy summary you provided on the four players is the only reason I reworded that part of your post. It's somewhat misleading when read without context.

It's a little dull, I know.
It’s just my opinion, bro.


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Well it's all said and done.
Latu has the best chance of success imho.
Through all of this we don't have a single quote from Latu. He just plays footy. Good on him.

With three brothers I can see the threats to move all three if they don't all get upgraded as soon as one Is playing well.


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One thing about Des, regardless of whether he still ‘has it’ or not, he certainly seemed to chase better recruitment targets and/or hold onto to the right players. Seibs chased Brodie Croft and got him at the Broncos. Now we are seeing the same calibre of first graders recruited to Manly.
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