Enough BS - Time to move Forward


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Some of the crap lately has left a sour taste in my mouth as much as anyone else.
I don't like how much has been handled.
Fact is, I have not been too excited supporting Manly in 2022 well before the past 2 weeks and though 2021 had moments of magic against the dud sides, we seemed to not have the toughness, mental strength, attitude or game plan, to come close to the Top 4 and as a witness at the finals clash against Souths at Suncorp getting lapped, it was a reality check.
I have supported Des on return, but I have seen a sinking ship that seemed to be slipping away and unable to stop the water coming in, as players looked divided and week in week out watching Manly play, was like an uninspiring groundhog day.
The "rainbow game" didn't help but was a Massive copout, I seen very few positives in other games, Including with Tom on the field and fact is, we needed changes.
Is Des out the right call, time will tell....I have vocally supported the Manly legend and his achievements as both player and coach, but it's Manly first and foremost and from a couch potato with some knowledge of the game , I could see clearly things were "not working" and unfortunately only becoming more stale.
The media stuff is BS and I can tell you first hand the stuff to do with players leaving ect is crap, more the players have been crying out for stability at the club moving forward, which is the only truth and who blames them.
Well there's a new coach....extra assistants on the way and slowly but surely changes are being made, which will at least lay a visible future moving forward.
This is exactly what the playing group needs and to be honest, also the fans who at least can now know black and white rather than all the BS speculation.
Not to judge other fans in handling this recent stuff, but feel much of the negative stuff is emotion based and the fans will be back with Manly, the jumping off cliffs stuff is for other bandwagon fans and tough times like now allow us to see who sticks solid in the trenches.
All I can say is enough BS and Time to move forward.
Best Post ever !
Well done @maxta


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Let us remain strong

The past is our lessons to learn from and move on

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Pretty important to get or finalize the coaching or new coaching roles in place A S A P or relatively soon . Won 't provide some automatic stability but at least will allow especially the playing squad and also the supporter base to focus more on the future path for the club and start to put some distance from the past couple of weeks of disruption and mini drama . Footy players and just like supporters come from all walks of life and circumstances and as long as they are not individually crossing the line or directing bringing the game or their club into disrepute , just better to let things pass
Also we need to get the coaching staff in order asap so we have a chance at signing new players to strengthen the roster. Despite what Penn said, changes are needed to the roster before we'll be in the premiership race again.

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