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Eagles Angels - Mrs Hasler Article


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Jul 19, 2004

By Mary Finkelsen – Eagles Angels Manager

And so continues the second of our regular meetings with the women of Manly. I met up with one of the sweetest, nicest ‘women of football’ you could every meet – wife of Manly Legend and Coach - Chris Hasler. Chris is the type of lady that always smiles, always has a kind word, will be the first to help and is just so nice. Hoping to find something wrong with her I dropped in for a cup of coffee and talked about ‘the south coast’, ‘well worn speedos’ and ‘roast dinners’. Sorry no luck. Couldn’t even get a frown. She’s just really nice!

Women of Manly - Chris HaslerMary How long have you and Des been together?
We’ve been married 19 years but have known each other 24 years.

So it took him five years to pop the question?
Well it’s hard to play football and be married at the same time. So I went over to England, India and Nepal and Europe for at least 9 months and he kept following me all the way around.

By ringing all the time to see where I was!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Now I know you’ve got 2 children – Campbell and Matisse –Campbell’s 15 going on 35 and Matisse is 8 going on 8!
Yes she’s the princess!
Campbell goes to St Josephs College and Matisse goes to Collaroy Plateau Public School.

What’s a typical day in the life of Chris Hasler?
It’s pretty much the same as everybody else – I clean the house, have a husband that works reasonably long hours, kids that do plenty of activities and a family that pop in and out all the time and stay.

Is your house always this tidy – or did you clean it up because you knew I was coming over!
No it’s not – you should have been here an hour ago – all weekend it was messy. An hour ago there was cereal and thongs and clothes. If you go to the laundry I’ve pushed all the dirty clothes for the weekend all up to one side.
Matisse was in Kiama this weekend, Campbell was away and of course Des was in Townsville.

So you pampered yourself?
Yes I did! I went and had my nails done and I went out with a girlfriend for coffee, had a bubble bath – the works, and watched the Note Book – a big girly movie – all on my own it was great!

What do you do to relax?
I do exercise, play golf occasionally – I’m only a beginner. I can hit the ball. Des is buying me for Mother’s Day a set of women’s golf clubs so I’m just getting into golf. I also like going for coffee and I do a fair bit of stuff at the school.

What do you like doing as a family?
If we get a bye or a few days off we usually go away and head into the city and do museums and stay somewhere nice. We’re really big on the south coast – Kiama, Bowral, Robertson and Jamberoo.

Do you think you’ll buy there?
One day maybe but at the moment everything is here – the kids are happy at school and we live in a beautiful spot so I can’t say much about wanting to go somewhere else.

Let’s get into the exciting stuff about Des – what do you like about him the most?
I love his sense of humour, his integrity; you know exactly where you stand. I love his strength – his internal strength. You also know that he’ll always back you up – you’ve always got that support behind you. I like the fact that we have common interests – so when we get time to do things – even if it’s just for a walk – it’s always good fun. He sometimes might look as if he doesn’t care about things but he’s just very guarded, very private – he likes to keep things to himself.

Does he tend to bring his football home with him?
No he doesn’t. He gets very preoccupied – you just know to give him his own space.

So you never tell him about where to put the players and discuss strategy?
No, because when he comes home it’s just all about family. He gets so many phone calls and so many people are in his face all day.

Do you find everyone has their point of view and try to give Des advice?
I’m not really sure – you’d have to probably ask Des because we’re usually out as a family – so people don’t do it. It’s probably more when you go out at night and you break up into group and the guys are in one corner that they chat about things.

How does he handle the pressure?
Really well – he can get frustrated if they lose, or even win, if they haven’t played really well.

So that time you had the broken foot that had nothing to do with him?
Actually two broken feet! No he doesn’t take it out on us!

Does he miss playing?
He did at first because it was such a large part of his life – but as soon as he finished playing he gave it a rest for a while and then came back to fitness and conditioning which he takes very seriously. He’s very fit – he does his own thing. He really believes that if you’re 110% fit it will protect you from injury and you’ll be a better player.

What’s he like at cooking?
Hopeless! Well he’s actually good at Barbeques and cheese on toast and boiled eggs and omlettes.

What are you good at cooking and what does he love?
Roast dinner. He loves a roast dinner. Also he loves seafood – anything that comes out of the ocean. He used to eat a lot of pasta when he was playing – he’s not keen on that at the moment. We cook a lot of fish and a lot of salads.

Is he romantic?
He is – occasionally he brings home flowers.

So he does spur of the moment things?
He does – especially if he’s reminded! Actually when the kids were really little sometimes a facial would come home in an envelope.

What are Des’ hobbies?
He loves his guitar and sings and he used to be a part of a band – in fact some of the players dared him and he had to get up and sing and I think they were actually surprised he could sing! He loves music – he loves to spend time with his family and his extended family. He likes to go for a paddle and he also loves a bit of golf.

In the day when he was playing and was known as ‘Hasler the Dazzler” did he have any superstitions?
Yes – he wore the same speedos – they absolutely fell apart and were getting really bad toward the end. He also had the same breakfast – the dietician wouldn’t believe it – eggs, crumpets and baked beans – every match day.

What about now – what does he do match day?
He usually goes to mass. It’s always been a part of his life so he just likes to go. He likes a quiet breakfast – we just take it easy.

Plans after footy?
He’s got a few business interests – he says he’s not a career coach – what he’s saying is that football is not his total life – he has lots of other interests. So we’re just going to keep going – as long as he enjoys it.

Now the Eagles Angels – he knows all the girls – if Des had to take one out to lunch who do you think he’d choose?
He really enjoys talking to Nici and of course he always enjoys Wendy as well. I think he’d like to have lunch with all of them!

And so I finished my interview with Chris. I left wondering if Des would like to have lunch with all the Eagles Angels together, or just one at a time? I must ask him when I see him.


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May 27, 2005
It looks like all the Leaguies are sending their sons to private rah rah schools. Blocker has his at Riverview, and Des has his at Joeys (I assumed she meant that one).


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Jul 15, 2004
He’s very fit – he does his own thing. He really believes that if you’re 110% fit it will protect you from injury and you’ll be a better player.
Good point. Maybe he needs to tell King and a few others?


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Apr 20, 2005
It is just my perception that our number of injured players in the past 2 years would appear to be quite small when compared to other clubs.

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