Dunley and Matai

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At St Ives Shopping Centre.

You'd have hoped that they would use two CURRENT players wouldn't you?

:wall: :wall: :wall:
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If Orford and Menzies were there, would this thread have been started in a different way about how they should not have been there, instead training their arses off in disgrace ?

Another nomination for worst topic of the year


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Actually we might have been better off if Orford was there mid afternoon on Sunday..
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:lol: Awesome

You do realise they generally send injured players to these things when other players are training.
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I was trying to make an amusing comment you tossers !!!
Go do a banana - the lot of ya !!

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FFS - it's like a comment made in jest like mine so seriously affects people, it spontaneously makes people get nose bleeds or something.

Look at Fro !!! Seriously though. He neds a pair of blood spats !!

Take it easy people !!! Gee Wizz !!!


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careful singling people out little fella, I have plenty of ammo to use that wasn't supposedly in Jest
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Alright...you blokes are taking the piss. I get it.

And what ammo big fella? Prey do tell....What is it I have done that gives you the opinion you have ammo to "hurt me" on a football forum?

Have I said Cuthbo should play on the wing?


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Hurt you???

1: I'm not 12 yrs old
2: I'm not into hurting people

and I'm not even touching the Cuthbo comment :)


When you ask for an autograph one would spit on you while the other would throw a beer glass and headbutt you.

2 of our best.
Journey Man
In reply to that, I'd 1st and foremost like to say to you that my 56k modem sucks, and yes I am too much of a tight arse to buy broadband.

2ndly, "ammo" suggests or implies a form of hurt, whether it be physical or mental. You suggest you have something that can be used against me. I'd like to know what seriously I may have said about a football team that give you any ammunition so to speak about me?

That leads me to this disgusting E-mail that was sent to work to me today, about a US helicopter in Iraq at night, using night vision watching some Iraqi's doing a gun deal. The guys in the helicopter then did something very disturbing...and on camera. It affected me too be honest. Humas are humans.......eeergh..getting cold shivers thinking about it !!

I know it's slightly off topic, but hey, it affected me...and it puts Manly Sea Eagles posts in real perspective....doesn't it !!!

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