Dubbo in the National News - not once but twice!

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I noticed that Dubbo was in the National Radio news twice this morning.

West Dubbo residents were rocking Firefighters whilst they were putting out fires.

Some guys broke a world record for 27 hours of continuous cricket - 6 proper games!

Notorious place!
The rocking of the fire trucks has been a fairly common occurence recently. It's all in Gordon Estate. There's a big pow wow tomorrow to see what can be done about it but for the moment the firies won't go in there without a police escort.

I turned down the invitation to play in that cricket game on the basis of work. But I'm good mates with a lot of the players. i've just come from a meeting with one of them and his eyes are still hanging out of his head and he's very sore. :lol:

Crazy!! Luckilly Killing Heidi were playing nearby and the Red Bull girls kept them well stocked up with Caffeine.
Byso it is.

It just has one isolated pocket where troubles occur. There's far less trouble here than ORange or Bathurst but because its racial and in one particular area it gets more attention.

10 year old aboriginal kids who are bored becuase there are no facilities are obviously far worse than the organised drug trade and associated widespread crime that goes on in the other two (NOT). It just makes a cheap and lazy headline.
Estate home faces bulldozer
Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Another Department of Housing (DOH) home in Catherine Drive may have to be demolished after being deliberately set alight yesterday.

Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire, which was brought to the attention of Dubbo and Delroy fire brigades about 1.10am.

While mopping up the Catherine Drive blaze firefighters were called to a rubbish fire in nearby Linda Drive.

Dubbo fire station commander Bill Clifford said one of the trucks was pelted with objects when responding to the Linda Drive fire.

He said the rubbish fire was not in danger of spreading so the officers left the area to avoid being struck by missiles.

DOH southern and western NSW regional manager Ken Bone has expressed his disappointment with the destruction of the Catherine Drive home, and his anger at those responsible.

"We will assist the police in any way we can to help them catch the people responsible so they can be made to face justice for what they have done," Mr Bone said.

"This isn't a victimless crime - when the department loses a home like this, it means a needy family has to wait longer for somewhere to live.

"It also means money is wasted having to demolish it."

Mr Bone called on the community to provide police with information about the fire to ensure the perpetrators are made to bear the responsibility of their actions.

The DOH residence was the 22nd house in Catherine Drive to be destroyed by fire and vandalism.

As many as 30 others have been destroyed throughout

the Gordon Estate in recent years.

Crime in the area has escalated in recent weeks with numerous houses being set alight, stolen cars dumped and residents bashed.

A whole-of-government meeting is to take place in Dubbo on Friday to develop strategies to deal with the array of social issues affecting the area.

The hastily convened government meeting comes in the wake of a crisis meeting called by residents of the estate last week.
So what do you think should happen?.

Beside say that its an inherent problem in Australian society atm which is probably the fault of the liberal gov't. I have never come accros such things.

Also never heard a bad story like this from Bathurst either.
I think there is need for proportion byso.

You have a small pocket of houses which are all commission and the place has been allowed to descend into a ghetto. You can BUY a 4 bedroom brick there for $65k as opposed to $265k 200 less than a kilometre away over the river. So the type of people it attracts are all VERY low socio economic.

Throw in lots of welfare money and a blind eye turned to conveniently placed bottle shops and you have a recipe for disaster. Throw in lack of facilities leading to bordeom and you have a match.

It's interesting that the firies (which represent 'authority') cop it every time they go in there, yet there is one pizza company in town which is the only one that will deliver there and they've done so for years without one single incident. And they're carrying cash.

Go figure.

Are the people REALLY all that bad or ar the circumstances of life to which they're consigned a huge contributing factor? And throwing more money at it (which gets spent on booze) is not an adequate answer.

However, I do get cranky when Dubbo gets tarred with the one brush because of a few incidents in one place when the crime statistics for similarly sized cities in our region are far worse.

You dig?
Thats a good assesment Mata and I dig!

So why did the Dubbo council set things up that way initially anyhow?
Burn them all, BAthurst, Dubbo and Orange

Fluffy...........eat ****.

and Matas, whats wrong in Bathurst, nothing like the crap going on in west Dubbo, unlike Orange where they are closing pubs down on a regular basis,
Burn them all, BAthurst, Dubbo and Orange

Fluffy...........eat ****.

and Matas, whats wrong in Bathurst, nothing like the crap going on in west Dubbo, unlike Orange where they are closing pubs down on a regular basis,
Whoa - this is going to turn into a bun fight. Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo are all great towns but each have their pockets of problems. All have great strengths as well and I wouldn't hesistate to live in each. Sydney is full of problems too but we don't get those reported on regularly! Media has a lot of control!
Fro, that was so obviously a joke, and if you couldnt pick it up then surely my call to get mata to be my waiter should have tipped you off.

I mean there is now way we can afford to waste that sort of money on the fuel it would take to burn them all to the ground. (BTW another joke)
Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy, I can quite easily tell when you are joking.......................generally its when you post anything :)

I am not so sensitive you need to apologise for everything, and yes there are parts of Bathurst which deserve to go up in smoke, and thats NOT a joke

good attempt at peacemaking CW :) much apreciated but not really necessary but thanks all the same
OK Show me all these outlandish things that are happening in Bathurst. Any news article.

I dare you!
Hang on Canteen... Sydney is always in the news... Many more people = many more problems. Just cause this damned city fills up most of the pages doesn't mean you have to be blind to the stories!

Don't get me wrong, I love Sydney... Best city in the WORLD! Just a few niggles we need to work on...

And blame the sociologists for the pockets of trouble. They are the ones who think the poorest should be stacked on top of each other in housing estates.

A better idea is what some councils do - subsidise rent.

However, having come from a house living next to one of these problem families... I can see why people try to distance themselves...

And never take offence to Fluffy... If you get stirred up, he's achieved his purpose. Just ignore him...a nd he will be frustrated!! :roll: (trust me)
OK Show me all these outlandish things that are happening in Bathurst. Any news article.

I dare you!

WEll we had a BBQ in the park yesterday :D

dont worry hop, you'll know when Ive taken offence at Fluffy, hes nowhere near that stage yet 8)

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