Dogs wary of quiet Eagles

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First Grader
HAVING spoiled the South Sydney party last week, the Bulldogs have vowed to rumble Manly's efforts to stay "under the radar" when the sides play each other at Telstra Stadium tomorrow night.

The undefeated Sea Eagles have caught their rivals off guard this season, on top of the NRL ladder but having attracted virtually no public fanfare or media limelight.

However, Bulldogs players claimed last night that they were not fooled by Manly's concerted efforts to play down its red-hot start to the year.

"They definitely haven't slipped under the radar as far as we're concerned," Bulldogs lock Reni Maitua said.

"They're the competition leaders who have only conceded five tries this year. We know they will be a force this season. The match will also determine where we are at.

"Although we gave it to Souths last week, we weren't at our best and still have a lot to work on.

Maitua, who is a strong tip to be named in the Australia squad on Sunday, said the Bulldogs had to stop Manly's big men, such as Jason King.

"Manly's forwards aren't necessarily big names but they are big boys who have good go-forward," Maitua said.

"We haven't beaten them in a couple of years so we want to change that stat by getting a win up against them."

The Dogs forwards are suspicious about Manly's lack of publicity., saying they are well aware of Manly's firepower, speed and skill, and pointing to the fact the Sea Eagles defeated the Bulldogs twice last season.

Bulldogs captain Andrew Ryan is another player claiming the Sea Eagles are not the under-achievers they portray themselves to be.

"Our games with them are always close, and they are four wins from four games this year," Ryan said.

"Manly are doing everything right and they are working for each other.

"They hung in there against New Zealand and came away with a real good victory.

"They're on top of the ladder so we'll have to prepare well otherwise they will beat us."

Ryan, Willie Mason, Sonny Bill Williams and Mark O'Meley will target Manly forwards King, Brent Kite and Anthony Watmough.

"They all know their roles and their forwards like Brent Kite are really leading the way," Ryan said.

"I think their kicking game has been really good as has their defence, they've only let in a few tries this season."

Manly is still without injured representative players Matt Orford, Steve Menzies and Steve Matai.


UFO Hunter
You'd have to be crazy to go into a match confident against a side who'd had 5 tries on them this year.

I think thats where we will win it too. Our defense and fitness with frustrate them out of the game.

Although i get frustrated in games against teams like the Broncos, Bulldogs and warriors ect because when their doing it tough they niggle and refs just don't seem to have the balls to do anything about it. I wouldn't be surprised if they use a niggling tactics to draw penalties and piggy back against the defense.


Reserve Grader
was speaking with choc today and he cant wait to get into them, he reckons he & Glen Stewart have a eat going as to who will do more tackles, hitups and line breaks. Had to laugh at the comment that Stewart said about only line breaks that lead to a try count..... at least this proves the attitude around the place is right. I reckon good onya, and go stewie.


Winging it
A bit late in getting on and got $2.90 the win (a bit better odds than Ryan's bookmaking services) along with 7.5 pts start @ $1.90. Go boys!!


Winging it
A bit late in getting on and got $2.90 the win (a bit better odds than Ryan's bookmaking services) along with 7.5 pts start @ $1.90. Go boys!!
The bank is flush. :yeah:

I am looking to the official handover ceremony when Ryan the banker makes a withdrawl from his and a deposit in Mata's pocket. :blush: :naughty: :lol:


Yeah, nice one MB.

I only have the odd flutter on Manly games.. but you were right to get on this week.. the bookies were kind to you i thought.

You have a win on the Sydney Cup??

I got on County Tyrone who i think is still running.


Winging it
I missed the racing today Nutz. I note the bookies have a new pin-up and his name is Prince Arthur. More hype than SBW :)


:lol: Yeah true... they go on about him a fair bit.. Not yet warranted aswell.

Haradasun ran a terrible race today.. he got second and probably ran about 200m more than the winner Desert War.

Nash got him out and let him go and he just kept drifting to the other side of the track.. got some work to do on him yet but he has a big future and is starting to warrant his hype.

Well done to Desert War though.. he is a great old fighter. Also, well done to Steven Arnold... he doesn't seem to win too many big races but did nothing wrong today on Gallic in the cup.

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