Do Canberra Have any Points in them

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Listening to the Radio on Sunday some commentators were strongly of the opinion that whilst they will acquit themselves well in defence, that the Raiders will struggle to score points, really only having Schifcoske and Smith as their points of attack. They attack has dried up and so it remains to be seen to whether Manly can dry up their points sufficiently to tough out a much needed win.

Manly's attack has almost been as impotent as theirs and apart from Kennedy and Beaver on the edges and the very rare judicious kick from our much maligned Captain there has not been much on offer.

Will the game be a nil all draw?????


I'd be watching that Phil Graham in the centres- he's the intercept king and nearly grabbed a couple on Sunday against Parra.
Tim Smiths passing game is alot more accurate than Monas so I would say it might be a good idea to keep an eye on him.


Kim Jong Dan
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looks like Mogg, graham and Smith could all be rested. We may well be facing a PL Raiders side
Are you kidding against our defence the Dee Why U/12's would have points in them.....the only thing worse than Manly's 2nd half performance in attack against the Warriors was the Warriors themselves...and that really tells you how bad we currently are......
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Raiders are trying to avoid a potential (highly unlickly, but can happen) wooden spoon.

To think if we dont win and matches go our way, last place could be just 4 points out of the 8.
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Good point fLIP. I threw $1 on the Raiders for the spoon @ 100-1 yesterday. I am waiting on the Souths odds to come up at Centrebet as my season bet on the Knights @ $16 is looking shakey. Least this way I stand to win no matter who gets the spoon. *Phew* About time I had a decent collect.


Kim Jong Dan
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lol thats not a bad idea putting $5 each on Souths and Raiders wouldnt be a bad punt
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Dan we would have to win by nearly 40 and knights would have to win by nearly 40 against Dragons and souths just have to win, but its a gamble I fear the raiders arn't going to take. Their better than their results imply.

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