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In looking at the season the biggest disappointment to me was the way that Choc Watmough did not go on from last year and in general his form was quite mediocre. He was good in patches but only a shadow of what we saw last year.

His attacking lines were not as good, his defence was patchy and in general he was just inconsistent.

Next year will be a big year for him. He is young enough to turn it around. He will have to step into the shoes vacated by BK.


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agree CW, we all know he has the makings of a really good player. Hopefully over the summer he really gives those hands of his a good workout - some of those errors he makes are so frustrating. Without BK next year I think he knows he needs to step up big time.

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His defence was diabolical over the last 4-5 weeks, but I recall someone saying that he was carrying a shoulder injury and that he was getting needled before each game. Makes sense because he had no confidence to put a hit on.

As for his hands ?? what can you do, you can either catch or you can't. Needs to spend some time with a specialist skills coach to try and improve his eye hand coordination. He can break the line, but it's no good if the ball is sitting on the ground back where you coughed it up.

He has been a disappointment and hopefully will get back some form during '07. Was really hoping that he would step up this year and really learn and grow off the experience he could/should have gained from playing with BK. Let's hope that something has sunk in and that he'll come back better next year, and fully fit.

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The biggest thing i would like him to start doing is to run at a hole instead of directly at the man. His pace could be devastating if he starts hole running


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I do feel sorry for Watmough as you could see he was always putting in, his shoulder was obviously affecting him but he was still getting up after missing a tackle and chasing when others wouldn't bother!! Unfortunately he also had Hands Like Feet at some stages throughout the year, I am sure he will rise to occasion next year without BK - Have faith!!!!!

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The biggest thing i would like him to start doing is to run at a hole instead of directly at the man. His pace could be devastating if he starts hole running
Flat passing closer to the lines and a variety of ball players is needed for this. Need to have a 7, 6, 9 and one ball playing forward to have a variety that allows Choc and Beaver to hit out wide rather than being a battering ram.


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It was his injury that stopped him. Also last year a lot of our attack was focussed on him and Stewart running onto kicks close to the line, this year Orford more focussed on getting stewy across the line

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