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I wish Des all the best and thank him for his long service to the club both as a great player and coach . His last three club departures have been like ugly divorces. That's not a judgment call just an observation. That may make future suitors somewhat nervous.


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Des always been a greedy prick. Fully entitled to 23 full pay out but 24 give me a break we were never finishing top 6 so he was never guaranteed a 24 deal.

Hope he enjoys his cash as no one is hiring him again.

I don’t believe so either but Mr Penn is on the camera/record saying to Danny Weidler that we have a premiership winning squad so how the lawyers interpret that might be interesting hence why he is going for 2024 too.

Mr Penn might be a smart business man but he needs some training in talking to the media as he is always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Remember when he said there was dialogue with the 7 players and they agreed to wear the 23 pride jersey?….that didn’t age well either.

Des had to go so it’s up to the lawyers now on how that gets resolved.

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I hope Des gets what he is due he deserves a full 2023 payout and something extra for stress created by Penn and Management .
These days when you are negotiating payouts its always best to go high and negotiate down to the figure you want or expect. Im sure Penn and Manly Management will go Low and negotiate up. So go for it Des and good luck with the next job.

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Sure that even Des would privately have to acknowledge that he can not expect full payment beyond his existing contact arrangements for 2023 . Just trying to squeeze as much additional payments as he would normally be entitled to and by trying to cause some inconvenience element . Doubt that he would be prepared to go to the extent of expensive lawyers and can hardly claim to be in the unemployable category for future coaching despite continuing to rack up some serious negative baggage coaching wise . Hope that the club calls his bluff , again some great contributions to Manly at various stages , a couple of largely uncalled for slights to him last season through some club circles but again should only expect what he is technically entitled to in compensation now .


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Good luck to him. I’d be trying to get as much as I could get too if I was him.

I wonder if he’s sat down with Tooves over a beer or 2 to discuss their respective battles with the Penns….


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Last year we were one game from a grand final.

This year he gets sacked.

The club created these triggers and KPI's which is now coming back to haunt them. No doubt this is nothing more than a negotiating technique but, as per normal, the structures in place by the club have opened it up to more risk

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Im quite sure he'll just get a full compensation payout for 2023 and then he will move on probably to one of those other club's with dud coaches



Hasler v Manly: Brutal legal letter ignites $1m war​

Des Hasler is going for Manly’s “jugular” as his messy divorce from the Sea Eagles is about to go nuclear.

SUBSCRIBE to see how Hasler’s legal team will fight for the monster pay-out.

Behind a paywall ... @DUFFMAN do your thang.

Where is it located, I haven't seen the story on the Telegraph website.


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One thing for sure is that he won't get a gig on TV like many of the former NRL coaches . . . unless, of course, they use an interpreter or captions.
If you ever have the chance to speak with him in person he doesn't mumble around at all. He seems to do it to mess with journalists.


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He could easily get another gig.

Yep all the clubs were falling over themselves to sign this genius after his performance at the dogs. The only club desperate enough were us and how has that ended? exactly like everyone predicted.

This mad professor control freak schtick is no longer tolerated in club land. I can only see the knights as a club desperate enough to hire him.

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