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It's interesting to see examples of how clubs are trying to nip certain "issues" in the bud before pre-season training begins, so there is no baggage or cancers through their respective clubs. Lance Thompson for example.

Why is it then that Des Hasler is leaving so many issues up in the air around captaincy, positional play, preferential players, fringe players etc? Surely if a player is told, look, at this stage I anticipate that for example Steve Matai will join Stev Bell in the centres next year, it would encourage Ashley Alberts to try harder to get his position back. The reason I say this is because the Manly Daily suggests that Matai is the 1st choice centre next year.

Other decisions I think Des Hasler has taken WAY too long to work out are:-

01. Jye Mullane @ 5/8 in 2004.
02. Paul Stephenson's spot in the centres.
03. Jason King's retention in 1st grade.
04. Andrew Walker at fullback.
05. Witt's inclusion or exclusion.
06. Beaver @ 5/8.
07. The captaincy.

You know what WOULD be nice as well. A vision statement by the management of this club, with realistic goals.

Des Hasler said he will decide on a captain SOME TIME after Christmas. Gee wizz, not the most efficient way of dealing with things. You'd think a nominated leader from day one would be ideal for motivation, and group building.

Anyway, I'm probably just :bdh: , but sometimes I feel that :stupid: at this club, and everything we say is just :wall: because positive & proactive change will instill grounding at the club, and I would :clap:
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I reckon you could have fiited a few more angry emoticions as well
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Just a thought to ponder Ryan .... maybe he is waiting until after Christmas until the full squad is together. At the moment Beaver is still on leave and BK is not due back until the new year. I also think that at the moment not knowing where you are playing is probably the biggest motivation you could have. It means they all have to work their butts of for their places! That could be a good thing. From what I hear, the boys are training hard and have a lot of team spirit happening. So far .... so good. :)
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agree with Kiwi Girl. I dont think players should be told what positions Des thinks they will be playing in from Rd 1. Although one benefit if Des named his no 1 choice players would be no more preseason YARTS :p

I have no problem with the captain being named after xmas, the captain is the leader on the field and we are not on the field yet. Another reason might be that the captain is not back training yet ;)
It would be a big ask to name Ox for example as captain when you have not seen how he blends in with the squad and how they respond to him
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I personally rate Alberts ahead of Matai in defence and attack. The only thing Matai offers that Alberts does not is some mongrel!!!!
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I wouldnt disagree with you there Garts. I rate Alberts ahead of Matai.

Matai may have more mongrel, but I thought it was often misplaced. His attitude/reactions in the later part of the season seemed to detract from his concentration/performance
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A coach should pick a team on form. (Haven't noticed a lot of form in the games in the past few weeks.???)

A preseason will determine a players attitude, development etc

I reckon you are badly jumping the gun on this one Ryan - give it time. Why do any issues need to be decided now????? (To keep whingeing on renegade websites down?????)
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The thing I noticed about all our centres this year, is that any quality centre with speed, ran loops around all of Steppa, Alberts, Matai, Hill, Williamson & Beaver (all who played centre). The only time we got on top of a team out wide, is when Terry Hill frustrated the opponents (Newcastle / NZ) with words.

Next year will be a hell of a lot better. The size, and espescially speed out wide will help better fight finesse centres/wingers like Tahu/Growthe etc. I swear, they almost embarrassed us in that final. I hope to hell Hicks gets a lot tougher like he was in 04 again as well. He is starting to be a bit like Scott Donald in lateral runs. He looks intimidated. What he doesn't realise is that he is SO ruthless when he runs at holes, and at pace. I think it comes down to confidence, and I'm sure Bell will get him quality ball. If he's on the OTHER side of the field, I noticed Alberts passed to his winger quite often.

You know, when it comes down to it either, I wouldn't mind both Matai AND Alberts on the field.

01. Brett Stewart
02. Ashley Alberts
03. Steve Bell
04. Steve Matai
05. Chris Hicks

Here's a fact some of you may NOT know. Alberts is the fastest man off the mark at Manly. That makes for a good winger in my books.
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True Ryan but we still lack a quality centre to partner Bell if Alberts is played on the wing. I would rather Alberts in the centres than wing as a weakness on the wing is easier to cover than a weakness in the centres.

From memory Alberts held his own against Gaz when we played them. Or was that just in attack?
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thats why we want someone like Steppa on the wing. Never, ever again in the centres!!!

Steppa also has a height advantage over Alberts which we know is handy!!!
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3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
4 2 2 -10 4
4 2 2 -13 4
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4 1 3 -11 2
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