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Des Hasler contract extension (2020)


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Jan 1, 1970
Telegraph reporting that the club will announce a two year extension for Desmond tomorrow.


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Aug 29, 2005
Telegraph reporting that the club will announce a two year extension for Desmond tomorrow.

NRL 2020: Des Hasler signs two-year extension with Manly Sea Eagles
Dean Ritchie, News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom
October 28, 2020 9:20pm

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After months of negotiations, Manlyis expected to announce on Thursday a new contract extension for head coach Des Hasler.
The Daily Telegraph has been told Manly and Hasler have been working toward a new deal since March.
Hasler already had a deal for 2021 with his new contact to span at least another two seasons.
Manly plans to issue a media statement sometime Thursday confirming Haslerโ€™s new deal.
Hasler, 59, is currently interstate and was unavailable for comment.

This season was Haslerโ€™s tenth at Manly having coached at the club between 2004 and 2011 before returning again at the start of last year.

Negotiations between Hasler, his manager George Mimis, and Manly CEO Stephen Humphreys have been complex and on-going.

Any last-second clarifications from either party could delay the announcement by a few days.

Humphreys and Mimis preferred not to comment when approached on Wednesday night.

Manly endured a difficult season where the club finished 13th on the NRL competition table through seven wins and 13 losses.

While not an excuse, the clubโ€™s horror injury toll could certainly be deemed a legitimate reason for the failures of 2020.

Given he has been ruled out of this yearโ€™s State of Origin series, Manly superstar Tom Trbojevicwill be back fresh, fit and focused for round one next season.


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Sep 27, 2010
I expressed my reservations about Des and the quality of our coaching team earlier in the season and still maintain those reservations.

Reasons for my reservations;
1. Jake - seriously underutilised all season and playing nowhere near his potential. He has got the ability to play a much wider running / passing game (ala Glen Stewart) but we have not seen this at any stage this year. Not even an attempt to change his role. Nothing to do with Jake as he gives 101% each time and is arguably our most valued player on the park each week. But using him as a battering ram is really poor form by the coaching team.
2. Siro - given the number of times we have seen him run back inside towards the defence rather than straighten up / go wider and potentially setting up his centre / winger....got to be a game plan otherwise this would have been corrected several months back. If he is that keen on running back into the ruck, then why not play him at 13 (middle) and Jake at 12????
3. Out wide defence - turnstile stuff and really quite embarrassing to watch. Persistent and not corrected throughout entire 2nd half of the season. Yet flawless in 1st half of season. These guys are professional footballers yet playing consistently like rank amateurs when it comes to out wide defence. Whatever happened to once great sliding defence???
4. Team Selections - really poor judgement in my opinion shown around player selection / non-selection particularly guys like Shuster, Olakauatu, Croker, Cust, Garrick etc. Gosiewski was clearly not fit when he came back from injury yet was continually played for almost 2 months before coming into some form towards end of the season.
5. Rule Changes - I think our reaction and game plan / strategy around the new rules has been really poor. Feels like the coaching staff did not get the memo from NRL HQ re rule changes.

We all reach our use-by date and our level of competency. I have seen this many times in corporate land so happens to the best of us. I just hope I am dead wrong with our Coach and our coaching staff. Delighted to be proven wrong here.

Ron E. Gibbs

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Jul 29, 2004
Won't matter if he's got a contract or not - if the team plays like they did this year (ie, piss poor), Des will be in trouble.
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Feast yer eyes ..
Feb 13, 2016
Goodo ... Happy to back Dessie for another year ... but 2 areas that concern me ..

1) Recruitment and retention .. In Dessie's 3rd preseason (so far) all we have seen him bring to the club are:

T-Rex .. then let go
Levi .. then let go
Boyle .. then let go
Musgrove ... ran away
Harper .. looks a handy player
Foran .. a gamble I hope pays off in spades
Davey .. good depth and bargain signing I think

AFB .. released
Api .. released
Wadell .. let go
Metcalf .. let go
Thommo .. retired to England

The good news of course is the probable elevation of some talented juniors, like Schuster, Burbo, Fainu jnr, Hoppa jnr ... but they were already here .. so not recruitment.

I, like all of us, are hopeful that this is a lull before the storm ...

2) ... Playing style ... we were well off the pace, for several reasons, some by the hands of the footy God's, and some by a lack of coaching adjustment to the new game ...

Again, I am hoping the return of key players and a new season brings a whole different kettle of Sea Eagles ...

Until then .. #In Des we hope ...
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Oct 25, 2017
What a farce was no need for an extension now if we play like **** in 2021 we have no way to sack him (owner will not pay out contract to sack him)
It's obvious the people running the club at the moment are tuned out no signings unless you call a busted hack in foran a signing and coach gets an extension after this years performance.

Nice to see we are still a results driven club.


The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 26, 2010
Winning teams are not just all about the coach . They are also all about the cattle on the field

When Des had the full squad of cattle on the field Manly was winning .

Des was a Manly great because he always raised the bar to compete at the highest standards
and he would be very disappointed at last season and would also be determined to make amends


Armchair Expert
Jul 21, 2014
Would have been fine with a decision closer to the end of the original 3 year deal. I am just not sure that our results in the past year warranted a 2-year extension.


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Jul 14, 2010
Would have been fine with a decision closer to the end of the original 3 year deal. I am just not sure that our results in the past year warranted a 2-year extension.
Knowing manly though, this just would have been total drama for the 2nd half of the 2021 season. I'm glad the drama has been nipped in the bud.
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The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 26, 2010
This extension is all about putting faith in a Manly legend that has done the job before
The extension will give Des appropriate time to get the job done

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