Dean Matterson


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Absolutely deserves his own thread. 25 years old, making his debut for the Mighty Manly Sea Eagles against The North Queensland Cowboys.

Not sure you read this mate, but both congratulations and well done. Hard work and perseverance pays off. Chased the dream, realised the dream.

Absolutely tear paint off the wall with everything you have buddy. Best of luck, we are all behind you !!!

manly al

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Good footy player with a good turn of speed . Maybe will have to lift his defensive resolve a bit
Looks like a 13 or 6 option , most likely 13 to give Jake a rest or in prop rotation.
Not in the Dylan Walker mould or style and effectiveness but a good all round footy player regardless .


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How good is it to see a player rewarded for strong performances in ressies, how it always should be and something we haven't really seen from our club in a long time. Mind you this is the first time Blacktown have looked like a half decent side since we partnered with them

Can't say I've seen him play much but if he's anything like his brother (without being a mercenary who takes suspensions over fines) that would be good, we're just about the only team in the comp without a ball playing forward type who can offload and be creative around the ruck


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Thank you @The Wheel

Congratulations to the late Bloomer Dean Matterson for this great opportunity to play NRL
and also the Great honour to play NRL for the GREATEST NRL club the Manly Sea eagles

Deans energy and Versatility off the bench can add to the Virility wining edge against the Cows

Every picture tells a story ...
Dean doing what he likes doing best in making tackle busts and creating try scoring opportunities for the Blacktown Eagles
Picture Complements Manly Media
Dean Matterson looks to offload against Newtown

castle eagle

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i hope he doesn't cop the same treatment that dessie used to do with first timers & let them sit on the bench the whole game


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Hope he has a cracker. BTW , according to NRL Website he is 86kg? For a comparison , Koula is 88kg and Reubs is 98kg !

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