Daniel's Round 2 Preview

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Kim Jong Dan
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Daniel's Round 2 Preview

What a round we had lst week, there were upsets, there were thrashings and there were the good old hard fought, blood stained slogs.

What does the round 2 have for us I hear you ask, well I didn’t hear you I ask but let’s not get side tracked.

Game 1: Cowboys vs Bulldogs

A huge home crowd after a dramatic final series for the cowboys will surely the rev the bumpkin team up. They have beaten the doggies before and I wouldn’t write them off yet.

However arguably the form team of the opening round, the Bulldogs should get home easily and cement their spot as the team to beat.

Daniel's Tip: Bulldogs by 12 +

Game 2: Raiders vs Knights

The Raiders have been widely tipped as a spoon contender. They had an opening round bye and trial form is often not indicative of a sides metal and quality so they are the only real unknown entity of this round.
They surprised a few in their trials and with the Knights looking like the contenders for the spoon the Raiders may sneak away with a win.

The knights have a forward pack better suited to bridge or knitting and even with the likes of Johns and Gidley in their line up, they just don’t have the go forward.

Hardest game of the round to pick.
Daniel's Tip: Raiders in a tight one


Game 3: Dragons vs Storm

This has the potential to be a blockbuster of a game. The Storm was nothing short of brilliant last weekend and they should continue the high into this match.

Saints however always have the ability to surprise and I wouldn’t write them off without having a good hard think.

If I were a betting man I would back the Storm for a top 4 finish on last weeks form, you may not pocket much but its a safe bet if Slater stays around and Orford continues to fire.

Daniel's Tip: Storm by 10+

Game 4: Bronco's vs Warriors

Some of you may have heard me talk down the broncos as fakers this year. However round one showed that you can not afford to underestimate lockyer, the guy is a great player and any team with him in it is a good team.
Their forwards still seemed to pack a punch even if they are ageing. Their outside backs did their job and did it well but can they stand up to the power of the warriors and can they literally keep the blood out of their eyes when they match up against the Power house warriors.

There is no doubt that the Warriors are going from pretenders to contenders this year, however they need to prove it soon or their supporters will drop off. They have something to prove and this week I think they will prove it and give the broncos a drubbing.

Daniel's Tip: Warriors by 15+

Game 5: Sea Eagles vs The Sharks
Go You Mighty Eagles!!!

The Sharks had a great game last week and showed that they have worked hard in the off season and are on their way up despite what many thought from the end of last year.
They put away the Panthers in a display of quality football.

However they suffered a massive blow this week when they lost the little garden gnome and the nuthead, this added to the already missing Stevens has dramatically reduced the Sharks chances in this match. As much as I dislike noddy like any other maroon blooded Manly supporter, I can not deny he is a quality player and fortunately for us, one that the Sharks team revolves around.

The Eagles, well none of us need to hear much about them, we already knew that they would come out going berserk and put away the warriors. They showed us that defense has been worked on and that it isn’t the problem that has plagued us in previous years.

I need not say anymore on the Eagles, they should win and win comfortably.

(One note, if you’re a betting man, get a bet on the sharks, the odds are tidy)

Eagles by 10+


Game 6: Panthers vs Roosters

This is very much a who knows game. Panthers were out played by a surprising quality performance from the Sharks and the Roosters struggled to put away the fairy's (south’s).

Panthers have been widely tipped as minor premier material, but I disagree, Top 4 maybe but not if they play the kind of crap they tried last week.

The Roosters, well whilst they are still quality they showed just how much Freddy meant to the team they looked lost and disorganised. Finch is still out and Firman is taking the halfback reigns. These teams both need to improve a lot. The Panthers should over power the lack luster Roosters and this could be the beginning of the end of the Roosters dominance

Daniel's Tip; Panthers in a tight one 14 - 10


Game 7: Rabbitohs vs Eels
Look it’s pretty simple the Rabbits are cats and the eels have over spent on cats.

Rabbits put in a good performance against the Roosters, but it was more the Roosters playing poorly than the Rabbits playing well.

The Eels snuck away with a win but were very lucky that the Tigers decided to play against themselves as well as the Eels.
The Eels have potential and definitely have the names, but they don’t look like they are ready to put this together into a winning performance yet. It shows that money can’t buy you a good team, only the pieces of the puzzle, clearly no one there can put the puzzle together yet. No surprise with Smith and Fitzy at the helm though.

They should win this against the rabbits but I am hoping for an upset here and if there is going to be one this round, this will be the game for it.

Daniel's Tip: Rabbits by 6.


Bye: Tigers
After last weeks effort and their trial form the tigers should be worried about this game. I hope they have trained well or the worst performing team last year (BYE) may sneak one over on them.

Just remember guys I am not a writer, so go easy on me, I hope you enjoy it. The Rabbits is my upset, I pick one every week.


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Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Good stuff Zappa. No complaints here.

Only thing to think about is that the Storm have a woeful record at Wollongon, The Sharks have a woeful record at Brookie (except when we are woeful), the Raiders are hard to beat at home as are the Cowgirls.

Never underestimate the power of the home ground and crowd!!!!
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Good preview Daniel.

I agree with most of your comments . I think the Warriors are a chance of upsetting the Bronco's & believe that the Panthers are specials to beat the Roo$ter$.

In relation to the main game , the Sharks record @ Brooky is as bad as Manly's record at Shark Park. Cronulla have won at Brooky 4 times in the last 30 years I heard on the radio today. Kimmorley , Nutley & Stevens will be sorely missed.
( Manly by 16 )
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Do you really know what I am tipping or are they my public tips?

Canteen, I know there is a huge home ground advantage for some teams and the sharks have a bad record at brooky. But based on what I saw last week and the match reports, the above holds true. I didnt worry about home ground advantage my preview is based on the review of last week :D
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Warriors will take the Broncs, I agree. Wariors by 12.

All seems to be in order, a few minor adjustments required here and there. Continue with form like that, and you may soon be able to challenge the best of us.
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Sun Mar 20 2005, 03:31AM ]</span>
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Nice quick write up buddy.

Your only mistake was it should have read manly by 50+
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Nice quick write up buddy.

Your only mistake was it should have read manly by 50+

I would love that to be true but dykes and vagana will keep them in the game, especially if peachy is also firing
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Broncos will flog the Warriors and the Saints will bounce back for a win.
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Matas, You are dreaming champ. The saints have nothing. No depth and no quality until their players come back. Alby has made 1st grade there which shows thier 4 centres have expired so they are bringing in the 5th.

Broncos played OK against a less than impressive Cowboys. The Warriors dropped the pill too much but I think they would have worked on that and should go well against the broncos
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

We shall see.

The "bounce back" effect was huge last year and I maintain that the Dragons have a pack big enough to monster the Storm.

Whatever happens, let's hope Orford and Hill botch cop suspensions from this match and Chan And Kearns get an injury. Then Donnelly will cop it in spades next week - bloody powder puff.
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

I hope the storm win and dont come out fighting too hard. They were impressive last sunday, whether that was against a crappy team or not, we will have to see
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

I hope powder puff does play the week after - cant wait to see him get smashed, can you imagine how easy kylie will find it on him
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

Warriors - 24
Bronco's - 12

Daniel & I suspected that this result would occur.

If only I had the courage to pick it in the 6 Tipping Comps I'm in.

I've backed Manly 13+ @ $2.70.
"Go you Eagles " !!!!!!
Daniel's Round 2 Preview

lol the warriros were always going to smack the broncos
I do actually pay attention to the football, not just look after the website :D

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