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Signed for 2 years. Cant go into too much detail but he gets incentives next year if he plays 1st grade.

Also got MOM in PL week before last and 1 point this week.

The Wheel
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Good news Clon, I watched him on Sunday and thought he went OK. He will get his chance next year I reckon.


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Oh Wheel by the way, I sort of forgot to tell you guys that Clontaago was running last Saturday over 2000m. He ran second and paid $5.50 for the place.


Journey Man
Wheel - he went ok?? What game did you watch. His offloads created NUMEROUS try opportunities. He is a hard running backrower with VERY good skills. I hate to say this while Harris is still at the club, but I think Cuthbo would be a cut above him. Big call I know, because Harris on his day can be FANTASTIC.

Two years - excellent. He is one of my favourite players. Put him on the wing now!!!

Now, we need to make sure the amazing Mailangi Styles is tied up for a very, very long time as well.


Agree entirely Ryan. First time I've seen him play, and he was bloody impressive. Everytime he got the ball, something seemed to happen. What an offload he's got on him.


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The main thing is though, he CONSISTENTLY does it. Week in, week out.

He has a great combination with Mullane (offloads to Mullane), so could you imagine him with Bell. Gee would be an awesome sight to display!!


Kim Jong Dan
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out standing news he is a star of the future


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I know Ryan has massive wraps on Cuthbo, and I agree that he is a real potential star. But he is anything but consistent.

In a 3 game stint he will play 1 awsome game, one good game (no mistakes) and one reasonably below par game. He does have a few mistakes in his game every now and then.

In saying that I believe he can become a consistent first grader given time, I just don't want everyone to back him as the next Sonny Bill.

I believe Styles probably puts a bit more of flare into the PL side, he is a bit of a Kylie for the PL side. Runs hard every time he gets the ball and busts the line consistently. UNfortunately on a game to game basis consistency is his worry as well.

The good thing is both these guys are young and consistency will come with experience. I would expect both to be getting a fair bit of game time next year, especially with injuries.


Kim Jong Dan
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He isnt even 20 yet is he?

So he has plenty of time to grow up into a good footballer


Winging it
Oh Wheel by the way, I sort of forgot to tell you guys that Clontaago was running last Saturday over 2000m. He ran second and paid $5.50 for the place.
Does the expression *NOT IMPRESSED* mean anything? Something along the lines of we have been waiting to see 2000 mts rings a bell. The Clon meter is going into a BIG slide :) (my fault - should have stuck him in the Blackbook at Racenet and you were probably too busy sucking Crownies on your platinum bar tab :p )


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Good news

his offloads were good this weekend, sometimes tries to push them too much and drops the ball but has been better of late


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He definitely has the X-factor and I'll even stick my neck out and say that he could equate to Beaver in 5 years time. He has speed, mobility, size and an offload. He has also played up in class/age group consistently over the last few years but his performances make him look like he belongs.
I watched the Premier League semi against Parra at Brookie last year and I was "sold" on him that day. Parra PL had a big pack and he took it to them.
It's great news that he is signed for 2 years.


Ryan, you are spot on about Styles and Cuthbo. Saw Styles for the first time on the weekend - he was great. Runs hard, which I love to see. I have been watching Cuthbo since the semi against Parra at Brookie last year, and rate him highly. With BK and Beaver having no more than two years each in them, I think these guys will have a role to play.

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