Customer "service"

  • We had an issue with background services between march 10th and 15th or there about. This meant the payment services were not linking to automatic upgrades. If you paid for premium membership and are still seeing ads please let me know and the email you used against PayPal and I cam manually verify and upgrade your account.


Journey Man
Customer "service"

Has anyone else had a similar experience? The last place to cost cut is front counter customer service!
Customer "service"

Oh, just in case it gets deleted as I suspect it will:

I have 4 memberships to renew. Obviously it is easier to do this by phone rather than fill in a form for each.

I rang the club yesterday and, after being on hold for an age, was asked to "just email the details through".

This I did yesterday and still await a reply. It's fortunate that I really WANT to renew these memberships, isn't it?

What is ironic is I can come on here and post:

"www.silver, the unofficial Manly supporters site" and get banned/deleted within minutes.

But it will take at least 48 hours for someone to get back to me to take my money.

An unusual set of priorities and level of customer service one would think.
Customer "service"

As I posted in that topic on MSE:

I've called up a few times in the past couple of weeks in regards to work experience as you have to do a certain amount of hours in the course I'm doing. Apart from the first time where I was asked to e-mail "something" through, it's been "We'll give you a call back later", which has never happened.
Customer "service"

Customer service doesn't seem to be improving. Quite astonishing really.
Customer "service"

It was deleted inside the hour which exactly proves my point. They can't get back to people who are trying to buy a product from them, but they sure as hell can delete constructive criticism.

There we have MSE, one of the biggest weeks for them in the year with the new season about to start, people trying to buy memberships are given the flick but up in lights is a thread by the luminary "Clit Commander" with allusions to paedophilia and adultery with one of the club's most prominent fans.

Go figure!
Customer "service"

I shouldn't say allusions to paedophilia, they're actually making light of it with sick jokes.
Customer "service"

There is an sarticle up now saying that have been overwelhmed by ticketing & membership enquiries
Customer "service"

There is an sarticle up now saying that have been overwelhmed by ticketing & membership enquiries

Which is an excuse for bad planning. How hard is it to find Drake personnel in the yellow pages?

Ask Cliffy GC what happens on a Friday night at Pizza Hut if he doesn't roster on enough staff and have one or two delivery drivers on call. You simply can't let the phones ring out and/or dissapoint customers if you expect to stay in business!
Customer "service"

Hasnt Bob Saunders left?

I got a call from them last week saying all my passes and memberships cards were being posted last week, I have since received them.

I guess the week before rd 1 is a little busy, although still no excuse.
Customer "service"

Well, Bob was on the site as still being there, and when I asked for him, they didn't say he had left, they took my datails and said he would ring me.
Customer "service"

Surely the could get Dunley working the phones while he is out injured.

Zorba? Meyer? Saunders? Not sure what sort of membership you would obtain if Saunders answered the phone though.
Customer "service"

I was in the JDRF Ride To Cure Diabetes

All I wanted was since Stewy has diabetes, would the club be interested in donating something for me to auction (Signed Jersey etc) to help me raise money.

One of the marketing girls told me to direct this request to Bob, so I did... three times... without reply. So I gave up.

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